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19/08/2012 by

The Social Landscape Simplified For CMOs

One can get easily lost in the ever-changing and rapidly evolving social technology market around. Which is the “right” social marketing platform, which social media management and monitoring tools to use?

Infographic: The Social Landscape Simplified For CMOs

Here’s a nice infographic from that outlines the three types of social technologies CMO’s should consider for social strategies.

It can be said that there are three main categories of social technology:

  • social media management
  • social media monitoring
  • social infrastructure

First of all it’s important to examine what these categories look like, and what technologies matter. This way it’s easier to determine where to focus business resources.

Social Media Management Platforms

There are plenty of tools that allow you to manage multiple social channels, create specialized campaigns and pages to reach users on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and many others. These technologies help manage these social channels, moreover provide different social applications, can even help you with advertising within Facebook and have plenty of data for insights and analysis.

Social Media Monitoring Platforms

Always listen first – here’s the place where monitoring platforms come in. These tools help businesses make sense of on-line brand-relevant conversations. They offer robust analytics to help marketers measure conversation by sentiment, demographic data, identify key influencers.

Social Infrastructure

As users don’t just want to be social on social networks anymore, they now somehow expect a social experience almost everywhere. Thus businesses should reconfigure their web properties to meet this demand. Social network hooks in almost every piece of content that’s published nowadays. That’s social infrastructure, and it’s critical to keeping users engaged and to building relationships with them on your web properties.

And to have it all in one place, here’s the promised infographic.

The Social Landscape Simplified For CMOs

Infographic: The Social Landscape Simplified for CMOs



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