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06/03/2013 by

The top 5 Instagram Marketing Successes

The top 5 Instagram marketing successes could be of great benefit to many business owners and marketers. Read the insights in this story.

The top 5 Instagram Marketing Successes

There are a ton of business owners at the moment who have no idea how beneficial online marketing can be for their business.

From the amount of people that use these social media sites, they become a wonderful place to advertise a business.

One of the most popular social networking or interest networking sites that is known to benefit businesses is Instagram, as it is an entirely new way to promote and advertise what a business can offer people.

Instagram is a highly known website that basically uses photos and descriptions of those photos to alert followers on what they are doing. It is a unique site that has gained the attention of millions.

This is exactly why businesses all over the world have been starting to gain interest in using the site.

The only way for a business to actually benefit from this site is if they already have a decent amount of followers.

The top 5 Instagram Marketing Successes

Promote Products and Services Properly

Post creative photos of your business’ products and services to avoid your profile from being boring texts.

Post unique and intriguing things that will show your followers, customers, business partners, and potential clients exactly what your goal for your business is all about.

Many businesses at the moment know exactly how to use Instagram and basically just take casual photos of what they offer.

It is highly recommended to only post product photos about three times daily, as you don’t want to burn your followers with constant photos on their page.

Make Use of Photo Contests

Contests are fun and free, plus they are a great way to interact and attract potential customers. Ask your followers to simply submit their personal photos with your products and post them on your page.

You could choose a winner unanimously or the photo that looks the most unique. To have your followers constantly checking your page, have a daily photo contest where you choose the best photo to be posted on your page.

This is a smart and fun way to keep your followers entertained, and if you really want to get their attention, be sure to offer the winner prizes and awesome discounts.

Post Photos That Feature Promotional and Coupon Codes
Promoting exclusive discounts and coupon codes to your followers for your new services and products through simply showing a photo is simple, fast, and very fun.

Frankly, people get bored when they see long messages and posts, as they have become way too overrated now.

However, you must never forget to use hashtags on your photos i.e. #promocode.

nike-basketball-joins-instagram - The top 5 Instagram Marketing Successes

Go Behind-the-Scenes

Show all your followers and customers the regular daily things that occurs in your business by simply posting candid pictures of your employees collaborating to make a new product.

Any type of photo that shows your followers how fun and hardworking your company is will be perfect, as you want people to perceive your business as real and genuine and not just a boring figure.

Such behind-the-scenes footage will help personalize your business and will create this sense of camaraderie to your followers.

Prioritize your Followers
Choose a single follower everyday whom you can promote and mention on your page. It is similar to Twitter and Facebook, just make use of hashtag like this @mention.

This will really fire up a ton of word-of-mouth promotion, because the person you promoted will tell their friends to check their picture out on your Instagram page.

The Benefits To Buying Instagram Followers As A Business Owner

The only way to actually get a ton of real Instagram followers is if you buy a couple followers first.

When you buy a couple hundred or thousand followers, people will get interest to see what type of business you own and follow your page.

It is simple, when a specific page has a ton of followers, you will wonder what type of company it is and what all the hype is all about.

This is exactly why people should really consider to buy Instagram followers.

What About You?
How do you use Instagram in your marketing mix? Would you both earn and buy fans and followers? We’d love to see your ideas in the comments below.

Note from the editor-in-chief

Our fixed team of bloggers, including myself, have frequently expressed the facts and our opinions here on ViralBlog on smart social media marketing.

We are for ROI on media investments by using the smartest possible mix of paid, owned and earned media.

We are against i.e. the bribing bloggers, hidden promotions or stupid ways of buying likes (like-farms).

See some examples here:
Buy Likes & Reviews: Smart Or Social Suicide?
Buy Facebook Likes, Buy Facebook Fans.

However, we believe even more in freedom of speech, respecting the opinions of our readers and guest bloggers, and we believe in the power of sane peer discussions.

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About the Author
This article was provided by Paul Stretton of Buy Instagram Followers. For more information about their instagram services please get in contact with them today to sample their buy instagram likes service.”


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