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19/06/2014 by

Google: 10 Trends World Cup Fans Really Care About

Google put together some fun facts from over 500 million searches related to the World Cup. Here are 10 interesting trends.


Since the world football tournament kicked off on June 12, Google Trends has been tracking the sentiments of people based on analysis from their Google search activity.

Here are 10 interesting trends:

1. Brazil prefers blond


Brazil seems unfazed by Neymar’s yellow card, earching more for his new yellow hair.

2. Super Mario


Worldwide searches for Mario Balotelli are 90x higher than for the videogame, Super Mario Bros.

3. The new Dutch Master


Searches for star striker Robin Van Persie spiked recently in the Netherlands, even overtaking those for Dutch master Vincent Van Gogh.

4. Still proud or looking for happy thoughts?


During the recent rematch, Spain searches for their 2010 World Cup Final victory over the Netherlands increased 2.5x.

5. Fancy footwork


After an awkward celebration injury, team trainer Gary Lewin attracted 2x more England search interest than goal scorer Daniel Sturridge.

5. Soccer makes a jump


Even with the NBA Finals still in progress, USA searches are 10x higher for the World Cup.

6. Great wall of Ochoa


Searches for Mexico goalkeeper Ochoa have increased 46x in Brazil after he held their team scoreless with his goal-line heroics.

7. High five for Cahill


With more all-time World Cup goals than Rooney, Ronaldo and Messi, Tim Cahill is also enjoying 5x more Australia searches than the trio.

8. Hart’s on fire


After his passionate outburst in the Italy game, England goalkeeper Joe Hart is attracting even more local search interest than Wayne Rooney.

9. Hat’s off to Müller


In a game that went all Germany’s way, Müller’s hattrick scored 3x more local searches than Pepe’s head-butt.

10. Orange herring


In the Netherlands, searches for the national football team are 22x higher than searches for herring, even with the start of the popular herring season.

My Opinion?

I love the world cup!

And not only for the sports part, but als what brands like Google make out of it.

We’ve seen some great newsjackings before, based on RVP’s amazing goal against Spain.

What’s else to come?

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About the Author
Laurens Bianchi is an independent online (sport) marketing professional from the Netherlands and has been blogging on ViralBlog since 2008. Currently Laurens is also the Social Media Consultant for the Royal Dutch Football Association. Follow him on Twitter or contact him on LinkedIn.


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