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30/06/2014 by

Artistically Challenged: 1st Series To Air On Instagram Exclusively

Artistically Challenged is the show that will exclusively air on the image sharing platform Instagram. Is Social TV close to its tipping point?

Artistically Challenged: First Series To Air On Instagram Exclusively . Story by pro speaker Igor Beuker for ViralBlog.

Television seems to have become the weapon of mass distraction? Are we bored by interrupting TV ads? If not, why do we binge-watch so much? Or will Addressable TV save TV advertising?

Social TV seems to be hitting its tipping point, with Netflix, YouTube, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

After House of Cards and other owned productions are being followed by film makers. They are now taking social media beyond the promotion of series, and also use social to produce them.

Artistically Challenged: the Show that airs on Insta only

The show is about Nick, a young artist living in New York City, that struggles with failure and obscurity. A small lie makes him a celebrity overnight, but Nick soon realizes that his tiny fib comes with a large price tag.

Artistically Challenged: First Series To Air On Instagram Exclusively . Story by pro speaker Igor Beuker for ViralBlog.

The show will not function like a normal television show. Instead of a full season containing numerous episodes typically 22 to 45 minutes long, the show will have seven episodes lasting 15 seconds each, the maximum time allowed by Instagram video.

The brevity of each episode provides unique challenges for the creators since they have to get across a whole story in a very short time.

In the old days we saw photo soaps and shorts on the mobile phone. Soon we will experience the first Insta show.

The show will premiere its first episode on 1 July on this Instagram page. It might drive a massive opt-in base for the show.

This is how PSY created 3.8 billion views on his YouTube channel and 7.2 million subscribers!

My Opinion

I do believe in short formats. Also in web and social TV. When looking at e.g., the VoD players and YouTube: that would easy to understand I guess.

But there are more social platforms that have welcomed series. Web series Emma Approved have been on YouTube for years now. AMC’s latest drama Halt and Catch Fire debuted its first episode on Tumblr.

PSY, but also other brands like Red Bull and Old Spice are clearly getting the power of subs and Social CRM.

I do hope the nonlinear broadcasters will get it too. Before they will become boiling frogs.

Noa built his ark before the rain started, right?

What About You?
Will Insta score with 15 seconds of fame shows? How do you see the future of Social TV? We all get smarter from peer discussions, so share your ideas.

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About the Author
Igor Beuker is an acclaimed trendwatcher & pro speaker, serial entrepreneur, marketing consultant and board member at several disruptive media, technology and entertainment firms. Book Igor as keynote speaker, follow Igor on Twitter or contact him via LinkedIn.


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