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08/01/2011 by

Happily Married: TV And Social Media

Marriage is a bond between two people that is built on love, trust and is here to increase the value of each other’s lifes. So the constitution of marriage is 1 + 1 = 3, if you will.

I believe that a great long-lasting, interdependent marriage is in the making by combining Social Media and Television. Just look at RTL’s talent show: The Voice Of Holland.

Yesterday evening I was watching The Voice Of Holland on RTL4. This is a talent show where very talented singers battle one another to win the titel; best singing talent of Holland.  What intrigued me was the Social Media integration within the programme.
Which made me think; isn’t television a Social Media?

We tend to call platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Flickr Social Media; but despite the mass coverage of Television; I feel that is has a tremendous social character. Predominantly talent shows or bigs games and sorts have that social DNA. People gobble it up like ham on rye; they throw parties around it, talk about it during lunch, by the watercooler at work and have evenings in watching it with friends and so on.
Why? Because we love to watch, but we also love to talk and to talk back! So I think we can agree on TV shows being social.

The Voice Of Holland puts their Facebook, Twitter and Hyves pages out there to interact with their target audience, to give them back-stage passage and to provide them with scoops. Whilst engaging, RTL learns from the people watching the show.

In addition to the distribution and communication side of the social media integration; there is an enormous commercial benefit for all stakeholders.
One of the judges, Angela Groothuizen, was wearing a dress that was quite appealing to all the ladies watching. The company that sells the dress Tweeted (hash-tagging TVOH – The Voice Of Holland) that the dress that celebrity was wearing was for Sale in the webshop. Soon that company was selling “sorry, we’re out of stock” for an answer: not bad for an evening behind the telly?

For RTL there is a another great opportunity; selling advertisements to brands through their owned Social Media. All the sponsors are mentioned excessively on the branded Social Pages and during the show RTL adverts almost non-stop; they call it non-spot commercials. Personally I felt I was looking at one big commercial… Samsung Tabs, Vodafone, Ipad Apps and Blackberry’s where mentioned or shown any chance possible.

Social Media is about building relationships and creating value across the line; not just a new medium to push your content. I am not sure what the angle is for RTL just yet; we’ll just have to wait and see.

So Social Media is not a threat to Television, on the contemporary: it is complimentary. It provides the right insights, engages and distributes the promise; a relationship that is adding value throughout its lifetime.

I’d say the right ingredients for a happy,  long-term and valuable marriage!


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