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04/02/2014 by

Twitter Hashtag Bombing To The Max

By now most of the population online knows about Twitter Bombs and hashtagging. This use of attempting to make tweets popular and dominating a subject is still at the center of controversy.

Twitter Hashtag Bombing To The Max - By Jenny Corteza for

Not only that but it’s use by mainstream broadcasters is getting increasingly popular if not annoying.

What the Heck is a Hashtag?

Basically for the uninitiated, a hashtag is that symbol ‘#’ that is placed before or after a word in a text body. This enables that word and post or tweet to be indexed and spread differently than a normal post.

For example one might tweet, “Joe’s #Super Hamburgers rock!”. That hashtag mark now makes that post viable. Used as the symbol or word or an unspaced phrase with the prefix of the # symbol turns it into a metatag.

This allows for the grouping of such message and searching for the symbol that contain it in its messages.

Now, what the heck is a Twitter Bomb?

Twitter Bombs are the use of the social networking site Twitter whereby a person or group swamps others with a message meant to direct them to a cause, purpose, website or whatever.

Twitter Bombs are nothing short of ‘spam with steroids’. The use of Twitter Bombs is still going strong but the public can turn on a bomber and ruin their campaign.

Twitter Bombs contain hashtags and one can see how this evolved into a practice that can drive people up the wall.

Politicians, internet marketers, activists use these Twitter Bombs to enhance their goals and campaigns.

Even the tops of government and industry use them.

Beat downs from a Twitter Bomb

Woe is the politician or celebrity or company that is the target of these Twitter Bombs.

One day they’re just sitting there sipping their cream of mushroom soup and suddenly phones are ringing off the hook, email accounts are stuffed, their social network pages are slammed and they don’t know what’s going on before it’s too late.

Example of a Twitter Bomb Attack

Back in 2010 a Conservative group, the American Future Fund from Des Moines, Iowa Tweet Bombed Attorney General Martha Coakley’s record.

Coakley was caught totally off guard at this and become one of the more famous victims of this practice.

One may have visions of a blue bird, the Twitter logo, diving in on Coakley from above with one of those classic cartoon round black bombs with a fuse sticking out of it. Well essentially that’s what it’s about.

This is how these Tweet Bombs can be used as a weapon.

Twitter Hashtag Bombing To The Max - Jenny Corteza for

Even Obama uses the Twitter Bomb

Not to be left out of the bombing fun, President Barack Obama’s teams use Twitter Bombs to go after his opponents.

One can picture an aircraft carrier with squadrons of blue Twitter logo birds launching and going after Obama’s enemies while ‘Hail To The Chief’ is playing in the background.

In one case when Obama was leading the charge for a bipartisan agreement regarding the then debt-ceiling debacle.

Heck, if the President can Tweet Bomb then it’s okay right?


This form of mega-spamming is going haywire and we’re going to look at TV and TV broadcasters that might find the use of Twitter Bombs to further their ends.

Competition is the Motivation for Twitter Bombing

With the amount of television content being produced nowadays the competition for viewers is fierce.

Getting that audience and surfer attention is mandatory for a property to stay alive and revenue to stream. Traditional mainstream television is getting whipped by cable and online streaming shows.

One successful show means massive attention globally and opportunities for revenue via social networking like never before.


The temptation to use any tactic to gain an upperhand is just too much for some strategists to resist. Twitter Bombing fits in here.

It can backfire but done right can get the message out about a new or old show that needs those viewers and surfers badly.

Networks and studios might not always be behind a Twitter Bomb as fans will send them out to help support the show much like in combat they risk their skins to save the platoon.

These Tweet Bombs can come from any direction and if it can’t be traced directly to a studio or network then there’s nothing anyone can do but bash the Tweeter.

Examples of how Twitter and Twitter Bombs can help a show can be found here at Mother Blogger where it posts about a study focusing on the gains shows get from Twitter.

What to Look For

One can read the broadcasters’ comments on their official Twitter sites and look for those hashtags.

If they use them to promote their broadcasts or direct people to other venues they have interests in then you’ll know they part of the Twitter Bombing squadron.

Networks Thrive via Hashtagging

Networks are indeed using hashtags to boost their gains. A list of such can be found at Inside TV.

One will notice that no hashtag is left unturned by the big networks as they know that Twitter Bombing is what they may not want to do but have to do to keep up with the competition.

From their news broadcasts to their sitcoms and sports shows, they have those hashtags aplenty.

TV  Networks Thrive via Hashtagging - Jenny Corteza for

Yes, Talk Shows Too

Top talk shows like Jimmy Fallon’s, Stephen Colbert and more use these hashtags and create massive buzz. Known as “Bombcasts” these network Tweet Bombs are considered by some to be unnecessary.

That won’t stop the broadcasters though, not until something better comes along. Even CBS and the other networks have hashtags at the top of every episode and more according to Joanne Ostrow’s story from the Denver Post.

The Battle Rages

Offense and defense apply to Twitter Bombs and they can save a company or broadcast or crash it. Careers have been ruined by them and careers exalted by them.

In the hands of a powerful media person, let’s say some big shot talk show news broadcaster has a new book or has a friend who does, they can use that Tweet Bomb option and may or may not get into trouble.

As the use of these Twitter Bombs increases it’s only a a fair bet they’ll die out and some new form of spamming will take over.

Keep an eye out, it can happen at any moment.

What About You?
How do you feel about TV and Twitter bombs? We’d love to read your opinion.

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About the Author
Jenny Corteza is the creative force behind POP Paddleboards. An avid writer and sports enthusiast she is on the cutting edge of the latest of recreational devices and inventions. She enjoys the landscape of social media and knows the ins and outs therein.


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