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11/06/2012 by

Why Twitter Aired Its First Ever TV Commercial?

Lost in translation I was, when I saw Twitter’s first ever TV commercial air this weekend, during the 2012 Pocono 400 Nascar race. You can see Twitter’s TVC below…

Twitter’s first ever TV spot aired

The TV ad promotes hashtag page #Nascar and the partnership between Twitter and Nascar.

This new hashtag page promotion was announced last week by Omid Ashtari, the head of Twitter’s Sports & Entertainment team.

Reading Omid’s statement, it should be safe to conclude that a few large consumer brands will shape a Nascar alike partnership with Twitter soon. So follow us on Twitter to be the first to know.

Lost in translation I was, because I did not expect Twitter to air a spot on TV. But when I looked deeper into some “intel” I gathered lately, this move by Twitter might be strategic smart and logic indeed. Why?

TV advertising by its nature has been pretty interruptive, distracting, selfish, one-way, mind-jacking for about 60 years.

And CEOs at large broadcasting companies have been telling us that TV viewers are couch potatoes, only in the mood for laid-back relaxation with certainly no need for active and interactive behavior.

Well the last TV formats like The Voice and Social TV have proved that consumers do like to interact with TV through social media and their second screens.

Nowadays more TV shows are trying to create a trending topic on Twitter using hashtags.

Format writers and interactive scripters are eagerly trying to write a Twitter bomb into their TV shows, to make their TV show a trending topic on Twitter.

Hashtags are becoming prevalent on TV. And Twitter seized momentum with this strategic move. Their TV ad promoting the Nascar hashtag might earn the attention of many CMOs at leading brands.

And those CMOs might just want to strike a similar Nascar partnership with Twitter. Smart moves on the chess board here?

Please tell us your thoughts in the comments below: How do you see the future of TV and Twitter? Or will TV be happily married with other social sites as well?

Source: Business Insider, The Next Web


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