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25/04/2013 by

Final Four Engages Basketball Fans With Exclusive Content

Basketball fans will get an exclusive behind the scenes content of one of the biggest sporting spectacles in Europe when the Turkish Airlines Euroleague finals weekend hits London in May.


Eye of the Fan is one man with a camera strapped to his head who will be offering fans a view of the action through the eyes of a basketball fanatic.

Following the popularity of the basketball at last year’s Olympics, the Turkish Airlines Final Four will be held in London’s O2 Arena from May 10 – 12.

Much like the Champions League in football, the Final Four will crown this year’s best basketball team in Europe.  Currently the sixteen top teams are battling it out in the playoffs for the right to play in London.

As a taster of what to expect you can see videos from last year’s event in Istanbul here:

YouTube Preview Image

Fans all around the world will have a chance to get involved in the excitement around the big weekend with the Up Team. During the Final Four, Eye of the Fan will have a special team that will carry tweets right into the O2 Arena.

Eye of the Fan will be reaching places where cameras normally can’t or won’t go to offer fans and the media an exclusive behind the scenes view.

Available for media to republish, the footage will be going live during the event and will be updated constantly on The Eye of the Fan website.

My opinion?
Being a football fan, I feel privileged to consult the Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) on their social media marketing. The KNVB has made some great steps towards a on how to engage their audiences using online, social and mobile, including fans of the Dutch National Team.

Unfortunately football (in the Netherlands) is not quite ready for a concept like The Eye Of the Fan, although recently a real life soap around first division club Sparta is currently being broadcast.

It’s great to see that basketball in Europe is open to these kind of content innovations. I definitely will present this case to the KNVB.

What about you?
So what’s your opinion about this concept? Do you believe more sports should engage their fans in a similar way? Or do you believe that here is a limit, from a sports point of view?

For more information about when the footage is available follow @eyeofthefan on Twitter

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About the author
Laurens Bianchi is an independent online marketing professional from the Netherlands and has been blogging on ViralBlog since 2008. Currently Laurens is also the Social Media Consultant for the Royal Dutch Football Association.


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