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29/05/2013 by

Why Video Marketing Can Help Start-Ups?

Video marketing isn’t just for the big guys, smart videos can help any business including start-ups.

Why Video Marketing Can Help Start-Ups?

Some small business owners blanch at the idea of shooting a video. That’s understandable, at one time video marketing was considered expensive.

Heck, it was expensive when your only outlet was television!

Today there are many more platforms for video marketing, you don’t need a huge budget to get your video message out to hundreds, thousands, even millions of potential customers.

Get In Without Breaking The Bank

It doesn’t take a ton of money to create marketing videos today. In fact some hit videos have been recorded with phone cameras!

Why Video Marketing Can Help Start-Ups?

If you don’t have a lot of cash or backers with your start-up, you can go the homemade video route.

Use the highest resolution and a tripod to hold the recorder (phone or dedicated video recorder) stationary. You can purchase these for just a few dollars on eBay or a local store.

You can also use animation to create videos. With editing software you can add voice after the original presentation is finished. Home brewed video can be inexpensive and polished.

A larger budget affords a start-up the luxury of hiring a video creation team. Outsourcing can be less expensive than hiring a full time video creation staff (or staff member).

This isn’t necessary today, as editing software has become accessible and user-friendly.


The very best platform for video marketing is YouTube.

Why Video Marketing Can Help Start-Ups?

Your marketing videos can be hosted on your own blog or static website, but YouTube has a high Google ranking. It doesn’t hurt that Google owns YouTube!

Due to the popularity of YouTube your start-up can be discovered by millions if your video catches on. This is know as going viral.

Once a video goes viral – that’s the pinnacle of video creation. Everyone wants to ‘go viral’. YouTube is the perfect place to go viral.

Millions of people log on to the service every day and with membership (and use) free, you’ll have a very low video budget.


People love interesting and creative videos. Commercials or marketing videos don’t have to be dry or boring.

If you’re afraid to show some humor, you’re going to turn off quite a few potential customers.

By showing the lighter side of you or your business, you’ll be more likely to bring customers to your start-up or entice potential backers.

The more creative and interesting your video is, the more likely you’ll have a viral hit. Don’t be discouraged if your first few have low hits, just keep trying new ideas!

If you’re going to jump into video marketing, now is the time.

Putting off video creation due to monetary concerns or fear of the technology is only going to hold your start-up back. Dive into the video creation waters, you’ll learn a lot, have fun, and come up with new ways to market your start-up.

Lastly, don’t forget to keep a list of the videos that gained the most hits. Add elements from each or ideas that you used with each to create more videos.

Combining the best aspects of each will help every video after.

Look at the worst start-up in the world. A truly hilarious video.

You can try such a video format too. But only if you have a filthy rich dad and don’t need an angel investor or VC.

What About You?
What video marketing tips do you have for brands or start-ups? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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Tina Samuels writes for and on the topics of social media and small business.


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