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20/05/2014 by

Airline KLM Wants To Go Uber With Flight Attendant Ratings

Social media front-runner KLM Royal Dutch Airlines wants to go Uber by launching a flight attendant rating app.

Airline KLM Wants To Go Uber With Flight Attendant Ratings. Story by Igor Beuker for

With the Uber-alike app passengers can rate their crew after every flight. KLM says that it will be a pilot project.

In 2010 taxi-service Uber disrupted the marketplace with their innovative service. Passengers could rate their driver from 1 to 5 stars. Uber drivers need to score an average of 4.5.

Now KLM wants to follow the new benchmark that Uber created.

KLM Goes Uber With Flight Attendant Ratings

KLM’s new President and CEO Camiel Eurlings is clearly dedicated to make KLM ready for the next level: the networked economy.

KLM Goes Uber With Flight Attendant Ratings. Story by Igor Beuker for

Visual from KLM Seat & Meet, not the rating app.

However, KLM’s labor council has not yet approved the new project. They are worried about simplistic or false ratings.

Annette Groeneveld, spokesperson at union VNC was not happy with the new rating plans. She stated:

“I don’t like an anonymous rating system, I do not see the added value. We already have a proper rating system, I do not see why we need such an app”.

My Opinion

I have been writing many positive stories about KLM’s social business approach that includes social seating.

Load balans your brand: fix the basics, deliver the future. By Igor Beuker for

So I do support the vision of Camiel Eurlings. Such a rating system is like open-innovation. It fits the wisdom of the crowds principle. And it fuels KLM’s social business strategy.

We are switching towards a world in which brands have to deliver proof. Consumers don’t trust branded promises in ad campaigns any longer.

KLM is great when it comes to customer service, social media and mobile apps. However, when it comes to rating the KLM fleet (planes), that app might be needed as well.

I have been flying KLM for over 10 years and most of their planes are pretty outdated. And worse, the price vs. quality is no longer in balance for business seats.

Wi-Fi on board? That business case still did not make it at KLM. So how about staying connected on board during long haul flights?

What About You?
Would you like to rate your airline and their flight attendants? We all get smarter from peer discussions, so share your opinion.

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About the Author
Igor Beuker is an acclaimed trendwatcher & pro speaker, serial entrepreneur, marketing consultant and board member at several disruptive media, technology and entertainment firms. Book Igor as keynote speaker, follow Igor on Twitter or contact him via LinkedIn.


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