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19/02/2014 by

Wearable Technology Database: Meet 118 Wearable Devices

The wearable technology database is an awesome curated list that offers you 118 wearable devices.

Meet 118 Wearable Devices With The Wearable Technology Database - By Igor Beuker for

Most CMOs understand that wearable devices are smoking hot. Brands that grab a piece of this pie will gain massive new revenue streams.

Beyond this sane ‘commercial rationale’, wearable can also improve the brand experience. True love brands launch products and services that add pieces of meaningfulness to peoples’ lives.

Is wearable technology a fad or the future? Discover it here.

Wearable Tech: Areas of Market Focus

The 118 wearable devices that are now listed in the database, have an average price of $401.

Wearable Tech Market Insights - Story by

Lifestyle leads by far with 83 devices. Fitness shows 53 devices, Medical 25, Entertainment 19 and Gaming unexpectedly low with just 10 devices.

Wearable Devices: Areas of Market Focus - Fitness Devices by

You can bet your ass that wearable fitness tech will become even bigger the coming years.

Gym and health freaks will certainly embrace technology to fuel their bodies.

The Ideal Wearable Device

Your favorite piece of wearable technology was probably Google Glass, right? Wait till you have seen the complete list.

Meet 118 Wearable Devices With The Wearable Technology Database - By Igor Beuker for

1. The ideal wearable device, is of course, wearable. That means that the device must be worn on the body throughout its use. Consumers don’t like carrying stuff around.

2. The ideal wearable device is also controllable by the user. This could be done either actively or passively. User like being in control themselves.

3. Last but not least, the wearable device must be enhancing. It must increase knowledge, facilitate learning or enhance experience.

About The Wearable Technology Database

The list of wearable devices has been constantly changing since 2008. With the recent announcements at CES 2014 and the media coverage that it has garnished, the wearable tech market is now poised for its biggest year in history.

The database, provided by Vandrico Solutions Inc, is an ever-evolving and free resource tool for everyone to use.

Check the 118 devices here. Scroll down a bit.

My Opinion

During my keynotes I have noticed that some people laugh at wearable tech. So I remind them that many people also laughed at the internet back then.

Trust me. Wearable tech is not science fiction, it is reality. A great example to prove my opinion? Nike Running.

Nike was never a core running brand at heart. But with Nike+ it claimed the domain running. Keeping core running brands like Asics, Adidas and Reebok on the bench.

Hans de Leeuw, Marketing Manager at Nike once stated:

Our fans on Facebook have started doing the talking for us. They shared running experiences and became brand ambassadors, propagating the new positioning of Nike Running.

A few years late, Nike even announced the Nike+ Accelerator Program.

And that’s exactly what more brands should do. Create startups on request or as I like to call it “Corporate Garage”. Innovation on request, the Greenfield way.

Because we all know that 99% of the corporate brands will kill innovation when it enters their revolving doors.

If you are still laughing at wearable tech, here are your numbers. In 2013 consumers spent on wearable tech was $1.4 billion worldwide. That will be $19 billion by 2018, Jupiter Research showed us.

The increase is in large part due to ‘heightened consumer awareness of wearable technology’.

Want to see more examples of smart brand utilities? Check out this story with SlideShare deck inside, written by Ingmar de Lange.

What About You?
Is wearable tech a fad or the future? We all get smarter from peer discussions, so share your opinion.

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About the Author
Igor Beuker is an acclaimed trendwatcher & pro speaker, serial entrepreneur, marketing consultant and board member at several revolutionary media, technology and entertainment firms. Book Igor as keynote speaker, follow Igor on Twitter or contact him via LinkedIn.


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