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09/12/2014 by

Why Starbucks Is Going For Lunch, Dinner And Mobile?

Reserving your lunch or dinner and a bottle of wine at Starbucks? That will soon be possible when we take a look at its new business and marketing strategy.

Why Starbucks Will Carve Out 'Coffee' From Its Logo?  By Pro Speaker Igor Beuker

The famous coffee brand will even carve the word ‘coffee’ from its logo.

Starbucks seems to be very dedicated to increase its revenues and profit by serving lunch and dinners.

eCommerce Forces Starbucks to Carve out Coffee

The main reason for this delicate transformation? More and more people are shopping online and visiting retail areas in cities less often.

Why Starbucks Is Going For Lunch, Dinner And Mobile?  By Pro Speaker Igor Beuker

That’s why Starbucks expects a declining trend in coffee related revenues. In 2013 its revenues went up by 5% but in the first 6 months of 2014 that went down to just 1%. Time to move up?

With its new business strategy (lunch and dinners) Starbucks wants to increase its total revenues by 10% the coming 5 years. Also its profit per share should go up by 15 to 20%.

The mobile phone will play a crucial role in Starbucks new strategy. The use of Starbucks mobile loyalty app increased by 50% in 2014.

Now Starbucks wants to launch a new mobile ordering and payment system, which will dramatically speed up the service for its customers.

Starbucks already has 32 stores in the USA where dinner is being served. That number should go up to 2.700 dinner stores in the coming 5 years.

My Opinion

The strategic re-shift is a bold move by Starbucks. Carving the word coffee out of its logo, well no guts no glory?

Starbucks is acting on trends and that is always smart. The saturation of the fast-food and coffee market is a clear fact.

And eCommerce will only decrease offline retail revenues further.

Coffee, tea or me? Starbucks will not be a boiling frog.

Take a look at the dinner menu here.

What About You?
Is this coining the trends with great timing and a clever move by the green coffee giant? Or is it suicide? Share your ideas in the comments.

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About the Author
Igor Beuker is pro speaker, author & awakener. Valued as one of the leading independent and outspoken voices on emerging #marketing #media and #tech #trends. Book Igor as keynote speaker or invite him to be part of your show.


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