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27/07/2014 by

Yahoo’s Search Share Has Just Dropped Below 10%

New data from comScore on the search industry shows that Yahoo’s search share has just dropped below 10%. Is Mayer Yahoo’s messiah?

Yahoo's Search Share Has Just Dropped Below 10%

Yahoo’s share of the U.S. search market is under 10% for the first time ever. The new score is 9.8%, its lowest ever.

Large blogs, like TechCrunch, predicted that Marissa Meyer would be the messiah for Yahoo.

We however, soon concluded she was definitely not.

Yahoo: Search Share Has Just Dropped Below 10%

Since Meyer became Yahoo’s new CEO almost everything has dropped at Yahoo. Its display ad business fell 7% last quarter, but revenue from search was up 6% on a year-over-year basis.

Yahoo's Search Share Has Just Dropped Below 10%. Mayer ios not the messiah for Yahoo. By pro spaker Igor Beukwer

Revenue from search was $428 million compared to $436 million from its display ad business.

Yahoo’s search business losses are Microsoft’s Bing search gains. Bing is at 19.2%, up 0.4% on a monthly basis.

Google is at 67.6%, which is flat on a monthly basis.

My Opinion

I concluded back in 2013 that CEO Marissa Mayer lacked vision and leadership.

The introduction of the new Yahoo homepage in 2013 was really a shocking joke.

A few months later I wrote why I could barely tolerate Yahoo.

As Yahoo’s “spender-in-chief” Mayer spent more than $100 million on 21 companies last year, largely for acqui-hires. Plus $1.1 billion for Tumblr. And she tried to buy Hulu, but the acquisition failed.

In my professional opinion Mayer got video, display and mobile wrong. She has not coined one single trend. Or should we give her kudos for launching a great new homepage?

In my opinion she has not been able to add any value to Yahoo since day one. I hear slick talks, but I have not seen any clever tactics. So no, she is not Yahoo’s messiah.

And I guess Yahoo is close to become a dead man walking. Damn, that truly hurts my purple heart.

TechCrunch however stated at Mayer’s appointment: There’s no question that Marissa Mayer is certainly a catch for Yahoo.

Maybe we should conclude that big is only good when big is smart?

What About You?
Having to add things to this story? Tips for Yahoo? I would love to read them in the comments.

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Igor Beuker is pro speaker, author & awakener. Valued as one of the leading independent and outspoken voices on emerging trends in marketing, media and disruptive innovations. Book Igor Beuker as keynote speaker or invite him to be the leading independent voice on your show, newspaper or magazine.


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