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20/01/2013 by

Doritos Crowd-Sourcing: Crash The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl 2013 is around the corner, actually in only two weeks, on February 3rd. It’s indeed about American Football, but from marketing’s point of view it’s a showcase of great commercials.

Dorito's Crowd-sourcing Crash The Super Bowl 2013

Some brands spend a load of money in their creative processes and some, like Doritos let their fans create and vote for the best commercial. Doritos did it before, because crowd-sourcing simply works.

With prices of a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl 2013 sky-rocketing to $3.75 million (the ad rate for the first Super Bowl in 1967 was $40,000), brand’s advertising during the game want to make sure this amount really pays off.

Some brands count on their creative agencies, some rely on celebrities, such as Pistachios with their Super Bowl ad featuring the Korean rapper PSY.

But not Doritos. For seventh time they ran “Doritos Crash the Super Bowl” contest where anyone could join with a chance at a breakthrough. The contest rules are really simple: create a thirty second commercial and submit them.

The top two commercials will air during the Super Bowl 2013 with the best ad, one chosen by the people and one by Doritos execs. The best ad will only win a million dollars if it ranks first in the USA Today Ad Rankings.

The winner will also have a chance to work with Michael Bay in the upcoming Transformers film. Maybe the cooperation with Michael Bay is not that great prize and motivation, but let it be.

The top 5 finalists have been announced in the beginning of January 2013 and anyone can vote for the best video at Doritos Crash the Super Bowl on Facebook, below are the top 5 videos with some additional info.

Top 5 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2013 ads

Doritos – Goat 4 Sale

YouTube Preview Image
A man finds a friend who loves Doritos as much as him. Going to get them so easily.

Creator: Ben Callner
Budget: $5,000
Occupation: Freelance Film Director
City/hometown: Decatur, GA


Doritos – Express Checkout

YouTube Preview Image
A Doritos obsessed customer uses a less than traditional method of obtaining his delicious treasure. Little does he know that he’s not.

Creator: Sasha Shemirani
Budget: $1,000
Occupation: Photographer
City: Los Angeles, CA


Doritos – Road Chip

YouTube Preview Image
Dial 1-900-LIXALOT…cuz baby gets back!

Creator: Tyler Dixon
Budget: $2,500
Occupation: Freelance writer/director
City: Los Angeles, CA and Lehi, UT


Doritos Fashionista Daddy

YouTube Preview Image
When a little girl asks her football loving Daddy to play Princess Fashion Show, he gets more than he bargained for.

Creator: Mark Freiburger
Budget: $300
Occupation: Freelance Director
City: Los Angeles, CA


Doritos – Fetch

YouTube Preview Image
The Best game of fetch…EVER.

Creator: Joe Taranto
Budget: $5,000
Occupation: Student/director
City: Los Angeles, CA

Does it look to you that the budgets are low or high? Well, it may happen that a a low budget video ca be a success, like last year’s $20 ad “Man’s Best Friend”.

Let’s face the truth, the top 5 finalists are professional or semi-professional filmmakers that spent these amounts of money with one goal – to make it to the Top 5 Crash The Super Bowl videos. But anyone could have joined and submitted, right?

And If you can’t get enough of Doritos commercials, here are the top 20 Crash the Super Bowl 2013 ads in a play-list, enjoy.

All Doritos Crash the Super Bowl 2013 ads


I really like the Goat 4 Sale and Road Chip videos, even though the second one is a bit rough and I can already hear the overly-attached pet lovers screaming “poor dog” or something alike.

Nevertheless, Doritos and their Crash The Super Bowl contest is a great approach to one of the most important marketing happenings of 2013.

What About You?
Which of the Doritos Crash The Super Bowl 2013 ads you like the most? Which one should be the winner? I’d love to read your picks and opinions in the comments below.

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