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10/10/2007 by

Elf Yourself 2.0 coming!

Elf Yourself will return in 2009. Read all about it!

OfficeMax scored a huge hit at the end of 2006 with their holiday viral marketing campaign: Elf Yourself. The site allowed visitors to upload a photo and record a synchronized message through a special toll-free phone number. The face got attached to an animated elf body and the voice was processed to sound elf-like. The result: a dancing and talking elf that could be forwarded to family and friends or posted to personal Web sites or blogs.

Elf Yourself 2.0 got 200 unique visitors per second in 2006, creating 8 new elves per second. On Flickr and Youtube you can still find some Elf Yourself 1.0 examples. Last night I read on Bob Stumpel’s Everything 2.0 that Elf Yourself 2.0 will be launched soon. I guess they will also release a Facebook app. Looking forward to Elf Yourself 2.0.


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Paul van Veenendaal

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