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14/05/2013 by

Pringles And Star Wars Use The Force For Campaign

Pringles and Star Wars have joined forces to rule the snacking universe with The Force For Fun video project, a campaign in which fans can make their own Star Wars themed video for Pringles.

pringles star wars campaign

Pringles and Star Wars have teamed up before. This time, however, they are bringing in extra forces: their fans!

Through the organizing of a video contest on the social media platform Tongal, Pringles and Star Wars want to ask their fans to help them create a new Pringles advertisement.

Tongal is a website on which creatives can help brands by offering them their video content. Users can sign up and browse through the projects brands need help with, and submit their own ideas and videos.

At the same time, these creatives can showcase their own work on the platform.


What is the idea?Fans were asked to submit a 30 to 60 second video, containing links to Pringles and Star Wars. Over a thousand fan-generated videos were sent in, out of which seven have been chosen.

These seven videos are being reviewed by representatives of LucasFilm and Pringles. The ultimate winner will receive $25,000 and get a chance to be featured as Pringles’ national advertisement.

YouTube Preview Image
Watch the other 6 videos here.

Furthermore, 10 superfans who are highly active bloggers and social media enthusiasts will be selected to create buzz for the campaign, by posting behind the scenes footage, interviews with prominents such as Star Wars filmmakers, and by hosting contests for fans and give away goodies from Star Wars and Pringles.

According to Teresa Lindsey-Houston, Pringles’ marketing director, Pringles and Star Wars are a great fit:

Pringles and Star Wars fans are clearly passionate about the same interests – fun times, tasty snacks, and galaxies far, far away.

The winner will be announced in June.

My Opinion
I like Pringles. I like Star Wars. And I love the fact that they are turning to fans, who mostly are the ultimate Star Wars fanboys, to make a Star Wars related commercial.

Giving fans an excuse to walk around in a Darth Vader outfit, film it, and have official representatives from LucasFilm view the video, was obviously a great incentive for a lot of people to participate in the contest. And okay, of course a $25,000 reward is also a good reason.

Next to letting fans generate content, they are also using fan influencers to create buzz for the campaign. It appears that Pringles is doing everything right. They are letting their customers and fans be part of their marketing process, making them feel like they can actively do something to help out the brands that they love.

Star Wars obviously already has a loyal fanbase, and working with the franchise will automatically bring Pringles at least a part of this group.

Hopefully Pringles will gain more loyal customers, who will continue to be involved with creative marketing campaigns like this one in the future.

What About You?
What do you think about this campaign? Do you like it? Tell us!

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About the author
Marion aan ‘t Goor is a Social Media Consultant at ICON&Co. You can connect with Marion via Twitter and LinkedIn.


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