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07/10/2007 by

Sony PS3: How You Killed Your Brand

The PS series are crucial to Sony’s profitability. At the Sony PS3 development and introduction the ignorant Sony marketing team and their agencies, forgot conversational tracking and refused to listen to influential gamers at game blogs and game forums. Sony could have seen the killing comments about the product specs and the pricing of their PS3….

PlayStation 3

Why did Sony miss so many opportunities to listen their die-hard PS3 fans? Why all the shouting through expensive tv ads, when gamers are spending large part of their day online? Another agency that says: we need a 30 second film (tv spot) to reach and engage your target group?

Why not a little bit of listening? Is Sony that arrogant or that ignorant? Or Both? Sony has disappointed so many PS3 fans, that even many of the hardcore Microsoft haters, switched from their Sony PS3 to the Microsoft XBox. Congratulations to Sony and their traditional advertising agencies. You just managed to push millions of very loyal fans, right into the arms of your main competitor Microsoft. And will that movement really be stopped by buying as many GRP’s as available at large tv networks?

Learnings: start conversational tracking (at blogs, forums, community sites and social networks) today! Understand that all brands should also listen to their loyal users. Yes Sir, product research and brand innovation is an important part of the marketing value chain. It’s not all about GRP’s or media power. If you don’t listen, anti-fans will get attention with viral video’s like this: Sony, How You Killed Your Brand.


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