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19/11/2010 by

Viral Friday: Asian Games: Uzbekistan VS Qatar

Viral Friday is the weekly viral video chart of ViralBlog, showing the 5 most popular viral videos, commercials, games or user-generated videos, carefully selected and ranked by popularity, viral impact & spread.

This week’s Viral Friday #1 position goes to Asian Games: Quartefinal Uzbekistan VS Qatar. The striker and goalkeeper couldn’t handle the pressure of the querterfinal and made a viral! The runner up spot is for Red Bull: New Street Trials Riding. Danny MacAskill and his bike make a journey from Edinburg to Dunvegan for Red Bull. World’s Biggest Harry Potter Fan completes this week’s top 3, and what a  fan he is!

Do you want to see this week’s list from 1 to 5? Go on then, and have a look! We’d like to hear your opinion about the virals. Have fun!

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1. Asian Games: Uzbekistan VS Qatar

YouTube Preview Image

At the quarterfinals of the Asian football cup the following happened. The goalkeeper of Uzbekistan missed the ball under the pressure of the striker of Qatar. The striker had a free run to the goal and he could easily walk the ball into the goal, but unfortunately he missed. Curious how? Watch the video! Within four days time the video been watched close to 6 million times.

2. Red Bull: New Street Trials Riding

YouTube Preview Image

The payoff “Red Bull gives you angel wings” is very applicable to the tricks Danny MacAskill performs on his bike. If Red Bull is the prominent in F1, it can also be called that on the street. You could describe this video as Parkour but by using a bicycle. This Red Bull video has been watched over a staggering 700,000 times since it’s upload on the 16th of November ’10. Only 52 people “disliked” the movie up till now. So that’s a reason to watch it!

3. World’s Biggest Harry Potter Fan

YouTube Preview Image

Do you think you are the biggest Harry Potter fan? Think again after seeing this video. This boy, who calls himself HarryPotterHimself reached more than a half millions views on YouTube. He shows his whole collection of Harry Potter’s merchandising and I bet you won’t beat him. He even claims walking around in his Harry Potter outfit for over three months without wearing the same thing twice. Over at You Go Girl! you can vote on this boy and he really might become World’s Biggest Harry Potter Fan.

4. Green Lantern: Movie Trailer

YouTube Preview Image

Check out People’s Sexiest Man Alive, Ryan Reynolds, and Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively in the first trailer for the Green Lantern. The movie is full of aliens, spaceships and a ring of light passing into objects! Reynolds plays the role of Hal Jordan. A test pilot that is granted a mystical green ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers. Interesting facts is that the costume of  the Green Lantern is made entirely digital. The movie hits the cinemas from June 17, 2011.The trailer is watched over 350.000 times since the 16th of November.

5. Mobile Editing In Google Docs

YouTube Preview Image

Google is doing it again. Always wanted to edit your online documents with several people at the same time and even see everything change in real time? Then say hello to Mobile Editing in Google Docs. You can now browse with your mobile browser to and experience some new functions of Google Docs On The Go. For more information check  Googletutor. Since November 16th this video from Google reached more than 140.000 views.


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