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25/01/2008 by

Viral Friday: MRirian

Viral Friday is the weekly viral video chart of ViralBlog, showing the 10 most popular viral videos, commercials or user-generated videos, carefully selected and ranked by popularity, viral impact & spread.

This weeks Viral Friday #1 position goes to MRirian. This YouTube sensation is the 21-year-old MRirian from Japan. Her talent? Staring and smiling at her webcam. Her latest video got 1.2 million views last week. The runner up spot is for I Got a Crush on Hillary. After Obama Girl, Giuliani Girl and Ron Paul Girl we now welcome Hillary Boy! “I Got a Crush on Hillary” is his answer to the Obama Girl videos. Bio-Rad Laboratories’ “Scientists for better PCR” completes this week’s top 3. To promote it’s 1000 Series Thermal Cyclers the company recorded a song to the music of Michael Jackson’s “We are the world”.

Do you want to see this week’s list from 1 to 10? Go on then, and have a look! We’d like to hear your opinion about the virals. Have fun!

1. MRirian

This moment’s YouTube sensation is the 21-year-old MRirian from Japan. Her talent? Staring and smiling at her webcam. Her latest video got 1.2 million views last week. Hundreds of YouTube users copied the behavior of the Japanese internet meme, but for many MRirian remains a huge mystery. Is she really Japanese? Her blog is in the Japanese language, she speaks Japanese (but not fluently). Is she really 21? Because she seems a lot younger… This fascinated several leading blogs, including Wired,, Metafilter, the Spanish 20 Minutos, Trendhunter and Kottke.

2. I Got a Crush on Hillary

After Obama Girl (Amber Lee Ettinger), Giuliani Girl (Adelina Kristina Spencer), Ron Paul Girl (Jed Gillen), Hot4Hill (Taryn Southern) and McCain Mama we now welcome Hillary Boy, aka YouTube user davedays! “I Got a Crush on Hillary” is Dave’s answer on Obama Girl’s videos. In one and a half weeks time his video was viewed over 500.000 times.

3. Scientists for Better PCR

The American Bio-Rad Laboratories develops and produces a broad range of products for the life science research and clinical diagnostic markets. To promote it’s 1000 Series Thermal Cyclers the company recorded a song titled “Scientists for better PCR” to the music of “We are the world” from 1985, written bij Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. The biotech company’s viral video can be found on several medical and scientific blogs, including Medical Museion, Futilecycle and Scientist Solutions. In just two weeks time the video gathered about 30.000 YouTube views.

4. Internet Party

In 1958 American humor and video site started as a humor magazine and frequently imitated “Mad Magazine”. In the 90’s the amount of issued magazines was reduced and in 2000 the magazine died. Six years later the magazine was brought back to life and focussed on male magazines like Maxim and FHM. The new formula turned out to be unsuccessful and in February 2007, after releasing just three issues, publication of the magazine stopped once again and the magazine became an online magazine. On this online version comedy group “Those Aren’t Muskets!” released the hilarious video “The Internet Party” with the subtitle “What Happens When Google’s Parents Leave Town for the Weekend?”. The Digg community rewarded the video with a stunning 9100 votes!

5. NY Times Ad: Apple Leopard vs Vista

After the impassioned reactions to the beautifully integrated banner campaign “Don’t Give Up on Vista” on, amongst others,, and Apple once again applied the innovative banner. According to well-established daily newspapers The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times “Leopard is better and faster than Vista”. The PC guy, played by John Hodgeman, clearly disagrees and agitates.

6. McDonald’s: Hüttengaudi 2008

After the successes of Elf Yourself, Simpsonize me and Crash This Trailer several variants like My Posh Twin, Munkyourself, Scrooge Yourself and Spartanize Yourself were launched. Now McDonald’s Germany goes user-generated as well with Hüttengaudi 2008, where you can dress yourself or your friends in Lederhosen.

7. There’s a Perfect Job for Everyone

Advertising agency BBDO New York and Massmarket from Manhattan created this authentic commercial for employment website In the clip we see a man with huge legs travel to the center of the earth to carry on his business. The slogan of the video is “There’s a perfect job for everyone”. (Source: Buzzingbees)

8. Kung-Fu Election


Everyone has a favorite candidate for the 2008 United States presidential election. To support your candidate AtomFilms offers the opportunity to literally slay down the “enemy”. The opening intro is high comedy but that all fades away when you start playing this Mortal Kombat like game. (Source: Hypertext Bazaar)

9. Guinness: Dot

Last year beer brand Guinness frequently scored with it’s creative (internet) commercials like Guinness Hands, Guinness Music Machine and the most expensive Guinness commercial ever Guinness: Tipping Point. For their latest video “Dot” the beer brewer hired Psyop, who made Coca Cola’s beautiful Happiness Factory commercials. Diageo contracted Irish advertising agency IIBBDO from Dublin for this new commercial, which can be seen on TV since 1 January 2008.

10. Chickipedia

Obviously Wikipedia is of great use for those who want to know about the population of Lima or the bat haired fox. But those of us who want to know about hot chicks like Adrianna Lima and Megan Fox use Chickipedia!


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