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12/10/2007 by

Viral Friday: Toyota World of Warcraft

Viral Friday is the weekly viral video chart of ViralBlog, showing the 10 most popular viral videos, commercials or user-generated videos, carefully selected and ranked by popularity, viral impact & spread.

This week’s Viral Friday #1 position goes to Toyota’s World of Warcraft. Car manufacturer Toyota was highly successful and got a lot of respect last week with it’s viral for the Toyota Tacuma, which completely takes place in the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft (with over 9 million gamers participating). In no time the clip gained over 1 million YouTube views. The runner up spot is for the Alicia Silverstone PETA spoof. Earlier we saw Alicia butt naked in a highly successful commercial for animal rights organization PETA. Now she’s being spoofed by ShakeState, trying to benefit from this success. The Pure Blond Beer viral completes this week’s top 3. The beautiful, idyllic and utopian place where Pure Blond beer comes from is rudely disturbed by a fat, sweaty truck driver.

Do you want to see this week’s list from 1 to 10? Go on then, and have a look! We’d like to hear your opinion about the virals. Have fun!

1. Toyota: World of Warcraft

YouTube Preview Image
Advertising agencies more and more focus on popular (online) games. Earlier we saw World of Warcraft & Coca Cola,Grand Theft Auto & Coca Cola and KitKat & Second Life doing a commercial together. Car manufacturer Toyota was highly successful and got a lot of respect last week with it’s viral for the Toyota Tacuma, which completely takes place in the popular MMORPG (with over 9 million gamers participating). In no time the clip had over 1 million views on YouTube, made it to digg’s frontpage and could be found on virtually every WoW blog or forum (like JudgeHype, WoWszene and Kotaku).

2. Alicia Silverstone PETA Spoof

A few weeks ago actress Alicia Silverstone had a nice, naked viral success with a commercial for animal rights organization PETA. After three weeks the clip, in which the advantages of being a vegetarian are promoted, has over 1 million YouTube views. ShakeState now tries to benefit from this success with their spoof for the fictitious, all set up to attract more visitors to their YouTube channel.

3. Pure Blond Beer

Australian beer brewer Foster’s promotes it’s “low-carbohydrate” Pure Blonde beer with this viral video, which takes place in a beautiful, idyllic and utopian world. All this love and peace is rudely taken away when the “Pure Blond” truck driver comes to load it’s truck with beer. (Source: Standaard)

4. Sony Bravia Pyramid

Electronics manufacturer Sony tested bloggers’ patience for months by only now and then giving some hints on Flickr and Twitter about the third Sony Bravia commercial. After the bouncing balls commercial in San Francisco and the second Bravia commercial “Paint” Sony finally released it’s third Bravia ad on October 5th. Meanwhile the “behind the scenes” video became available. And totally unexpected Sony released a fourth commercial, made by Y&R Asia, Singapore, for Egypt.

5. Diesel: Human After All

Clothing manufacturer Diesel already had a few viral successes earlier this year with Diesel Crime Reconstruction and Fuel for Life. In the above viral, titled “Human after All”, two scientists try to teleport a Japanese teenager, which is not a huge success… (Source: Reclamewereld)

6. Fila: Born to Run

The already thin line between real vs fake and professional vs amateurish becomes thinner and thinner. What seems to be a Brazilian home video of a child’s first steps can just as easy be a commercial for Fila’s real runners. (Source: Youngmarketing)

7. Peter van de Veire

To announce the opening of the new season of “De Grote Peter Van de Veire Ochtend Show” Studio Brussel brings us a very funny viral. We see Osama Bin Laden during one of his video speeches when Van de Veire appears from behind the curtain. An e-mail send to several Belgian bloggers tells us Peter van de Veire has some sort of stunt planned for Monday October 15th. What it is… remains unclear. The viral was made by Mortierbrigade. (Source:

8. Odol: Bad Breath

In this new commercial for Odol Mouthspray the leading man obviously forgot to use some mouth spray before mounting his bike to go on his date.

9. Snickers: Get Some Nuts

Mark Hathaway had the nuts to do this. By showing Mark in womans underwear Snickers tries to encourage men to get some nuts (and buy more Snickers). All we know is we see Mark showing off his new lingerie, bought at

10. Dacia

Tired of all those frumpy virals, showing some will but no courage? In Romania they are. Romanian car manufacturer Dacia launched this striking viral. Sawing the competitions product in half is not something we see every day.


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