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04/01/2012 by

Anarchy – A Social Game By Axe Is Coming

A graphic novel from AXE? Yes and no. Axe will provide the sketches and users take active part in the story. At least that’s the plan. A comic book called Anarchy, the newest ad campaign for AXE/LYNX starts on 10th of January. Is it something to be looking forward to?

AXE/LYNX bets on the sexy curves (still) as convinced that sex sells – or as trying to convince guys that with a simple spray they’ll simply pick up the hottest girl(s). Fair enough, they are clear about it and I doubt their target audience takes the promises for granted, maybe except for this unlucky one.

OK, what’s the “big idea” behind? Become a fan, pick up the chicks (for the novel, not for date), choose the setting, pick up the plot and action, future development. Original?
Not sure.

YouTube Preview Image

However, taking into account the target audience, it’s probably a good hook – to simply pick up Anarchy Girls by a simple click, make them do what they want and…well, the best is to quote from Adweek: “It’s the first crowd-sourced soft-porn fantasy adventure in comic format!” But fingers crossed, curious about the plot development and kind of “community management” as this project definitively needs it.

Check the teaser trailer with a pretty hot policewoman stripping down while chasing the robber. Already thought of AXE (pepper) spray closing the scene…

YouTube Preview Image

The first issue is going live on January 10, to take part in the plot and characters, check AXE’s YouTube Channel, I already voted for Julie…


Sources: AdFreak, Adrants, Adverblog


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