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11/09/2013 by

Trace Your Road By Lexus: Life-Size Video Game

The promotion of new cars is getting more and more interesting with various creative approaches.

Lexus Hybrid Trace Your Road

You for sure remember Renault’s Ultimate Speed Date and Va Va Voom Sexy Test Drive, but Lexus is back with an awesome presentation of the IS Hybrid.

This time it’s Lexus Italy who created a life-size playground, together with Saatchi & Saatchi, Milan and Movie Magic International. What was needed to create this great video?

Formula 1 driver Jarno Trulli, check. A large aircraft carrier, check. A collection of twelve 12-20K and 22K projectors, check. Specially selected ten Facebook fans, double check. And of course an iPad.

Why an iPad and all this? The selected Facebook fans seated in the new Lexus IS Hybrid faced a challenge: connect the randomly placed dots on the screen – to creat a road for Jarno, which was projected real-time.

The goal: drive as fast as possible through these check points to be a winner of this contest.

Lexus IS Hybrid: Trace Your Road

YouTube Preview Image

The result? An impressive video, great experience for the contestants and of course nice show of Hybrid IS’ energy. And let’s not forget the skills of Jarno.

How did all this happen? Let me answer this question with yet another behind the scenes video:

YouTube Preview Image


My Opinion?

I love the innovation that comes hand in hand with new product launches. And since the technology gives us a lot possibilities and options, looking forward to more creative ideas.

The video is a great combination of what’s possible, making it interesting to watch and share, plus not forgetting about the most important part – the product and it’s abilities.

What About You?
Which remarkable product introductions have you stumbled upon lately? What was the idea or part that caught you? And last but not least – your opinion on the Lexus video?

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