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06/03/2008 by

FiteSelektor: The Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Viral

FiteSelektor, Dubai’s first Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) tournament makes its debut in Dubai WTC on March 13 and anticipates a turnout of 3,500 people. With the introduction of SMS voting, and Quatro Fite for the first time ever in the history of MMA, FiteSelektor is beyond doubt an innovation in martial arts.

FiteSelektor aims to transform the Martial Arts Industry through it’s creation of a multimedia concept, viral campaigns, web communities and interactive gala events. The event aims to entertain audience both inside and outside the ring. If I look at the popularity of MMA and K1 in Asia, FiteSelektor may have found a brilliant interactive formula towards potential global success?

FiteSelektor’s guts to launch such a compelling event, the fact that FiteSelektor is using virals, social media and an extended Buzz Toolkit to enhance MMA fans and bloggers to buzz about this event, make me feel confident FiteSelektor will indeed get the global attention it’s aiming at. Maybe I hope so, because I like K1 and MMA…

Fiteselektor’s social media strategy, SMO and seeding are executed by LaComunidad and viral tracking is done by ViralTracker. The Fiteselektor website is created by Xische.

You can watch the short version of the FiteSelektor viral video here at YouTube.

At Eurosport K1 and MMA are getting much more airtime and attention lately. Show us your thoughts, are K1 and MMA ready to gain global audience?


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