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10/12/2009 by

Groom Updates Facebook At Altar

Picture this: you are at the altar, just said “Yes, I do” to your newly wed, when he takes out his phone and updates his Facebook and Twitter status. That is exactly what Dana Hanna did and by doing so he created a viral outburst.

Although the video was uploaded on the 22nd of November, the video didn’t start spreading like crazy since the beginning of this month.

At the first of December, the video was posted on Mashable and starting spreading the web. The video has reached over 1 million views now and started a lot of discussion. “That’s genius!”, “Wouldn’t do the same in my future wedding” and “Hopefully this won’t be the next “wedding dance” craze.”

The video does remind of the other viral wedding video just a few months ago, where both bride and groom danced their way to the aisle. It seems like people are keener on making their special day even more special by sharing it with the world. According to Dana, the couple has a lot of family scattered around the country and they all use Facebook to keep in touch. And when they got engaged, most of the family found out via Facebook because they updated their statuses. Still, it came as a total surprise to the family and the bride when Dana actually updated his Facebook status at the altar.

After the video went viral and all the responses that brought along, Dana made use of Twitter again to reply to all the critics:

“To all the criticizers of my video out there questioning my sanity: You don’t get it. I was having fun at MY wedding! Loosen up, have fun!”

So, Dana is a very avid social media user and despite the fact it is not the first viral wedding video and probably not the last, and despite the fact that Twittering and Facebooking at the altar might be a little crazy to most of us, we do wish the newly weds a happy marriage.


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