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21/10/2009 by

iPhone Doesn’t, Droid Does

The iPhone obviously was a real trendsetter in mobile phones. But lately it is getting more and more competition from a new OS; Google’s Android. With the ad below Motorola, Verizon and Android create a lot of buzz for what may be the next ‘iPhone’.

As every iPhone user knows, the statements in this video are all true. No lies involved. All the things you want the iPhone to do, Droid does (or so it promises). Now there’s a real second mover advantage; Apple set the bar, Android raises it.

The ad, actually for the Motorola Droid (more pictures of the phone at Boy Genius Report), spreads like wildfire. Uploaded to YouTube on October 17 and already over 980,000 views, almost 1,700 comments and over 1,900 ratings (4 out of 5 average).
The YouTube statistics do not lie:


The video directs you to this websites, where you are prompted to leave your email address in order to get notified “when compromise has been deactivated”. The confirmation mail reads:

You don’t need a smartphone, you need a supergenius in your pocket. A phone that listens better than the person on the other end of the call. Apps of every shape and size. Emails that let you know what they are before you read them. The greatest web experience on a phone. All working together to get things done.
You know there’s no phone like that. And it ticks you off. But there will be. Droid is coming.

Aside from being a cheeky ad that really creates expectations, there is something else going on. If Droid can match the expectations, will this (after the Cliq) be Motorola’s come back in mobile phones? I like to think so, what are your thoughts?

(Source: Digital Buzz Blog)


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