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21/11/2011 by

Missing 90% Of Video Views With YouTube?

We all shout: content is king. But distribution is queen and metrics is the emperor we don’t hear often. Here a very relevant case for brands and agencies. Why do they miss 90% of their video views with YouTube, when overlooking 500 other video sharing portals.

This week I was amazed by below Nokia N9 video. Very cool, must go viral. But even our Viral Friday guys said: “Cool, but not a viral yet, it has only 35,000 views on YouTube.

Curious to learn more, I tapped into the dashboard of our sponsor ViralTracker and looked at the videolytics and social metrics around the Nokia N9 video.

And there it was: That same Nokia N9 video had over 1 Million views on its first day! Not on YouTube, but on Youku, one of China’s biggest video sharing sites…

If you are curious too, check the Nokia N9 video here on YouTube. Now check the same Nokia N9 (viral) video on Youku.

So a few learnings shared with all involved in marketing, media, pr and digital:

1. Think beyond YouTube insights. There are 500+ other video sharing portals to explore!
2. Use smart videolytics and social metrics technologies to get all insights.
3. Making the right decisions on content is about having the accurate data.
4. Content is King. Distrubution is Queen. Metrics is the Emperor.

So thank you, YouTube. For drawing big brands out of the box and onto the web. Your “insights” are fine, but other META insight companies should clearly take it from here.

To make the Nokia N9 example even more clear to CMOs and media agencies: Would you rather track 10% or 100% of your banner campaign? Or do you find being blindfolded 90% of the time more exciting?

It clearly shows how important powerful videolytics and full social metrics around your videos are. Across millions of blogs, social sites, YouTube but also 500+ other video sharing portals.

And yes we are aware this video is targeted at China, so Youku is fine. And not, we are not blaming YouTube.

Our message is: This is the era for non-linear marketers. Think way before you start: have I thought 360? Have I thought bottom-up? 365 Days?

Because if you don’t, you might easily miss-out on results and ROI. Like i.e missing out on 1 Million views at your next video campaign. Because you thought linear and YouTube only.

For example: How this would make you look, while your were reviewing the campaign review in the boardroom? So be clever.

And this is off course just one example on online video and distribution. Non-linear thinking offers many other benefits, in many other parts of marketing, media, broadcasting and publishing…

What About You?

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