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02/05/2008 by

[REC]: Movie Promotion Going Viral

[REC], from what I gather, is a Spanish Cloverfield wannabe. The scenes are shot in a deliberate amateurishness way to heighten the suspense and they are using the internet as their main form of promotion.

Edit: Thanks to Ian in the comments I now know Cloverfield was actually shot after [REC], which would make Cloverfield the wannabe!

They’ve obviously paid attention to what works on the internet as they’ve used the ‘Two girls, one cup‘ hype as inpsiration to create a video to promote their movie. With ‘Two girls, one Cup’ thousands of people uploaded videos of themselves and their friends showing how they reacted to the seriously disturbing video and it took over Youtube for weeks.

So besides the normal movie trailer, the creators of [REC] have also uploaded a video which shows the reactions of the audience during the screening of the movie.

I doubt we’ll be seeing any video reactions of shocked viewers of [REC] on Youtube anytime soon, but it’s good to see marketers are picking up on what’s happening on the internet and are using it in their own campaigns.

The video has been watched over 800,000 times on Youtube so far, whilst the official trailer has ‘only’ managed 685,000 views up until now.


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