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30/05/2013 by

The Economics Of YouTube & Videos Going Viral? (Infographic)

How about the economics of YouTube videos and videos that are going viral? Get the insights from this story and infographic.

The Economics Of YouTube & Videos Going Viral? (Infographic)

Until recently viral YouTube videos were one-time flukes.

Now an entire industry surrounds YouTube stars: Managers, PR programs, award shows, and content networks.

How about the economics?

Infographic: The Economics of Going Viral

This infographic by shows you some very cool “intel” and a lot of very actionable insights. I hope you will coin them.

The Economics Of YouTube & Videos Going Viral? (Infographic)

YouTube Space: 41,000 sq. foot production space in LA

– Green rooms
– Dance studios
– Indoor and outdoor theaters
– 1,500-6,000 sq. foot production space

YouTube Spaces: open in Tokyo and London as well

Seems just a little bit over the top? Think again.

– 4 billion= number of hours of YouTube watched per month
– 60 million= number of monthly viewers on uStream
– 16.8 million= number of total viewers for one uStream video in 24 hours.
– 200 petabytes= the size of video files played on Vimeo in 2012

That’s 214,748,364,800 megabytes!

In contrast:
– 15 petabytes of data are generated by the Large Hadron Collider every year
– More than 100 petabytes in physical memory are needed to keep Facebook running.

Self-expression is great, but who’s pushing the content?


– Purchase consideration/intent increases 14.3% by the third viewing of an advertisement on a top tier video hosting site.
– Spending on online marketing campaigns were up 21.7% from 2011-2012
– For television over the same time period spending was up a mere 4.5%
– 98.1% of affluent Americans use the internet for an average of 30 hours a week
– Affluent Americans aged 18-29 spend more than 40 hours online.
– If media consumers are spending the equivalent of a full time job’s worth of time per week, imagine how hard content producers work.
– 6% growth of internet users every year.
– The average age of an internet user is rising in tandem with the average age of Americans.
– Average age of Americans: 32


– Top ten YouTube channels [channel name-subscribers-subscribers per 24 hrs]
– Smosh-9054709-31,528
– RayWilliamJohnson-8296377-16,002
– JennaMarbles-8233318-21,307
– Nigahiga-7818967-27,032
– RihannaVevo-7574717-18,933
– Machinima-7152893-13,648
– PewDiePie-6623944-43184
– OneDirectionVevo-5912875-20,795
– HolaSoyGerman-5736337-48,277
– FreddieW-5228573–8961

From quirky gamers to preteen advice to low brow humor, whatever you’re into, chances are someone’s producing content, and someone’s advertising on it.

Getting Paid

= what TubeMogul, a video ad buying platform company in California estimates that Jenna Marbles, the third most popular channel on YouTube earned last year from advertising revenue.

Don’t know Jenna Marbles? She is a blogger and entertainer. See her in action here on her YouTube Channel:

YouTube Preview Image

– That number doesn’t include endorsements.
– Jenna Marbles films her videos from home with the same low-fi camera she started with.


– “Video Responses” stimulate discussion and provide humorous spin offs of extant videos.
– 50,000+ = number of messages JennaMarbles receives a month
– Future channel posts are often dictated by polls of what viewers want to see next.
– Active social networking campaigns connect channels, corporations and the audience in ever evolving and entertaining ways.

Of National Importance

– 7,000 hours of news related footage uploaded to YouTube Daily
– 13 million views on the weather channels live feed of Superstorm Sandy
– YouTube uploads tagged #Obama or #Romney were watched a total of 2.7 billion times during the 2012 campaign.
– Debates streamed in over 200 countries.
– That’s 3x the views for “Gangnam Style”
– Real time buying of ad space allows campaigns to target demographics at a moment’s notice.
– Romney’s “binders full of women” quote was immediately targeted by Obama ads on YouTube.
– Online demographic tracking allows for hyper-customized messages targeting individual zip codes, genders, ages, and interest groups.
– Theoretically, campaigns could place ads on their own content, recouping some of their advertising costs.

Protected Interests

– Up to a third of YouTube’s videos are copyrighted material posted without the owner’s consent.
– ContentID screens newly posted content to discover copyrighted material.
– Scans over 100 years of content every year.
– Most owners choose to leave the content up, however,
– As YouTube shares the ad revenue with the owner of the material.
– Only 14% of YouTube videos need to be viewed for YouTube to turn a profit from ad revenue (in 2010).
– In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views.
– That’s 140 views for every person on Earth.

My Opinion?
We tend to talk about a lot of trends. From content marketing, to mobile the next gateway and big-data.

But video is one of the biggest trends online for several years now. And social video has even made it bigger.

Video advertising revenues are growing year-on-year. Not a bit, but with a CAGR that is really impressing.

A viral video might be the holy grail of them all. Want viral video inspiration?

Scroll our flagship format Viral Friday. Check its massive archive and old skool virals. Enjoy!

What About You?
How do you embed social videos, Web TV or Social TV into your content marketing mix? Our readers would love to see your ideas in the comments below.

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About the Author
Igor Beuker was CMO at 3 listed companies, chairmain at the IAB, jury member at Webby, AMMA and Esprix awards, founder of 2 agencies (sold to WPP) and Global Chief Social Officer at Mindshare. Now he is ‘freejack’ consultant and still a sought after keynote speaker.

Source: Masters in Marketing.


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