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12/05/2008 by

X-Travel: Dutch Viral Success With Boeing 737

The viral commercial of Dutch travel company X-Travel was watched 2 Million times at YouTube in just 2 months. That makes it one of Holland’s most viewed virals ever.

The viral commercial created by advertising agency YoungWorks, has boosted the prompt awareness of the relatively new young travel brand X-Travel. The number of passengers at X-Travel is expected to grow 30% this year. The viral has lifted purchase intent, increased the number of leads and opt-in database and has churned brand likability amongst screenagers.

Due to the success of the viral commercial, X-Travel has also launched a Making Of with subtitles, so our ViralBlog community will be able to understand.

I’m convinced this viral commercial will make more Dutch CMO’s aware of the power of the viral weapons of mass affection. But, I feel it’s a missed opportunity that no viral tracking tool like ViralTracker was used.

The number of viral clip views are now only measured at YouTube; and viral experts know that X-Travel might not be aware of 2 million clip views at other social media, like blogs, forums, social networks and video portals.

Since the internet is an accountable medium like no other medium type is, advertising and media agencies should offer their advertizers more insights in e.g. the power of their creatives, the reach of their viral commercials, the costs per contact and return on investement of their digital marketing spend.

I feel that all advertising and media agencies have a responsibility towards CMO’s: to give CMO’s the needed digital learnings, insights and results. So CMO’s are able to convince their other internal brand stakeholders to increase their digital marketing budgets.

Agency leaders must understand that pointing their fore finger at CMO’s by saying:”you move to slow in embracing digital marketing”, 3 fingers point back right at them. In my opinion agency leaders should work harder to implement campaign tracking and agency leaders should be more convincing to implement brand tracking research at their campaigns.

This is the only way to boost digital marketing at large brands and CMO’s that are still not convinced about the power of digital marketing.

The pointing fingers of agency leaders should point back right at their own agencies in many cases. Since many agencies are still afraid to make their own campaign results accountable.

So I feel agency leaders should also take their responsibility and make their agencies less afraid of being accountable for the accountability of the internet.

Please share us your thoughts on this viral commercial. Or mail me the best viral commercial in your country.


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