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22/11/2011 by

Sagres Preta: World’s First Chocolate Website?

Sagres is Portugal’s #1 beer brand. They launched an amazing cool idea: the world’s first website made out of chocolate. Why should a beer brand want a chocolate website? Watch the baking off…

The project was run by by Grand Union, a full service international digital agency.

This fall it launched Sagres Preta Chocolate, a stout beer with a chocolate flavour. With a website 100% made out of chocolate?!

Help was offered by Maître Chocolatier Victor Nunes, renown in Portugal for his sculpture made out of chocolate. Looks like a passionate project that is earning attention…

Closing the loop in terms of See, Like, Buy, that is what I do miss a little bit here. This offered some extra opportunties to pull people gently through the Sagres funnel, one or two steps further; towards trial and advocacy.

But, 340 degrees is great as well, so we give two thumbs up for both brand and agency…

Source: KoiKoiKoi


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Comments (5)

  • thijs
    22/11/2011, 17:01

    Normally I’ dont care if something is done the first time as long as it has been done good, and much much better than the “original” . But it isn’t. So there is nothing to gain on the idea.

    Than the outcome. The result of this giant and nice registrated effort is a annoying flash website with sounds behind every button. (back to the 90’s). With poor animations and non functionality.

    Not a fan.
    but a chocolat fan.
    Not a chocolat beer fan.

    Oh , and this is the first one. Same annoying sounds, same making off video. So they didn’t learn anything from them either.

  • @ Thijs

    You have clearly done your homework and a very well argumented opinion, thanks for sharing.

    Think that is what is the mighty learning of blogs and the internet: peer discussions and sharing insights.

    Agree with the site and sounds: very 90’s indeed. But in my opinion also a micro way of looking at it (the what).

    The macro (the why) is pretty relevant to me. If you introduce chocolate beer, take it to the next level and make sure people get to to heart of the product: chocolate.

    That might provoke a whole new audience to get to know Sagres and willing to try beer.

    That’s very simple and clever, and to me much beyond a website like the 90’s with sounds.


  • Gerry 23/11/2011, 05:43

    Thijs sounds a bit of an angry man but he is right. I wish he hadn’t beaten me to name the Whittakers site though. PS How long does it normally take the Social8 guys to reply to website enquiries?

  • Hey Gerry

    Haha, understand the message. And to be honest: I’m an agry bird also pretty often :-)

    Not sure what you mean by last line..



  • mattgenton 03/01/2012, 04:34

    hi to all at i thought i had sent this newyears eve but it didnt send so i have sent it again all best for 2012 to you all
    – gentas