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23/01/2018 by

Tips for Boosting Conversion Rate through Web Design

Boosting Conversion Rate

A lot of people just get a website and leave it to handle other areas of their lives – believing the site can take care of itself. Many businesses consider owning a website as just having a building where anyone can walk in, get what they want and leave. They don’t know that the site is the first impression any visitor will have of their brand before deciding whether to remain consistent as a customer or look elsewhere.

If you own a site, you need to realise that it is your channel to make sales, your office, customer care center and assistant. Therefore, you need to find ways to design it to convert visitors to subscribers and loyal customers.

Talking about conversion, this involves making a first time visitor or random user come on your website frequently. Digital marketers and web designers take advantage of user feedback and Analytics tools to crunch data to boost conversion rate.

When this is done, you can get the ratio between a specific activity and visitors, insights and information to help you fine tune the site in a way that users will find appealing. This will also help you know if your site is making enough progress.

For instance, when you gather your leads, number of new customers and downloads, you can find out the conversion rate. For example if you have 100 people visiting your site in a week and 20 requests for a particular product or service, then your conversion rate is 2%.

That being said, you should know that calculating conversion rate differs from niche to niche. But what is most important is that general ways to boost it by using the right web design. Here are some tips to guide you.

Let visitors see your call-to-actions easily

You have a website because you want to make sales and have readers to constantly source for your content and for customers to always buy. Having that in mind, there should be a call-to-action on every page of the site convincing visitors to click and follow any necessary steps. Whether the CTA is a form that needs to be filled or a button, it should be placed in a strategic position – above the fold. This makes it easy for anyone on your page to see without scrolling down or going through series of content.

Find a way to also make your CTA more friendly than commanding. Instead of a “order now”, you can use a “click here to place your orders”. You can also use bright colors to make it more attractive.

Use a good heading for your content

You need to create a good first impression with your website. Therefore you have to make the heading catchy and precise. It has to be one anybody can read and understand in an instance. A study showed that over 50% of visitors don’t stay more than a quarter of a minute on a web page.

Therefore, your heading has to be something that will grab their attention within a few seconds. It should be punchy, bold and creative. Make the heading colourful as well. You are designing the website, so you need to appeal aesthetically to visitors if you want them to convert. Use bold fonts and great graphics that will reiterate what the heading is saying.

Add testimonials and reviews

Most buyers are usually more comfortable knowing that there are other people who are purchasing what they seek. That’s why you need to get testimonials from your loyal customers and ask for their permission to post it on your home page.

For example, if you sell laptops, a testimonial that reads “I love the laptop I bought. The RAM size is exactly spec and the screen resolution meets all my graphic designing needs when I’m at the office – from Mr A”, will convince a Mr B who’s also into graphics or even architecture to want to make a purchase.

It’s just psychological that buyers will seek recommendations, inspiration and guidance from other buyers when they need a particular product or service they haven’t tried before. Endeavour to have a testimonial page created on your home page. If possible, include pictures to encourage visitors more.

You can also use case studies as a way of converting potential customers. Digital marketing experts call it storytelling. This is because it adds a lot of social proof to your website. It’s almost like a testimonial but more like you’re telling the customer that you know what they want, the company has worked on it and solutions have been provided.

These case studies are designed in lots of ways to relate to the customer’s needs. A video or report could be done and put up on the home page. You can also create an entirely different section for that on your site.


Infographics come in different formats but video is the most used these days if you want to boost user experience and convert them. With the number of likes, subscribers and views you see on YouTube every day, you can tell that video is becoming a major marketing tool.

Therefore, you need to devise a way to incorporate it into your website without slowing down the loading speed of the page it’s on. The video could be behind the scenes of the creation of your most unique product, a tour of your facility or an unboxing of a new product.

Show your credibility

There are ways to show that your website is credible and can be trusted. You can add links to reviews, show trust badges, security badges or badges for any award of excellence you have collected. This makes it easy for customers to trust your brand and even recommend others to patronise.

Finally, keep in mind that you can only boost the Search Engine Optimization of your site when you can drive lots of traffic to it. What better way to drive traffic than to provide a perfect looking website that showcases your brand as a professional and reliable one? Ensure you make use of custom web design and you will have visitors coming back regularly.


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