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06/08/2009 by

Bruno Kammerl’s Megawoosh Viral

Finally a viral video with some “OMG ingredients” (yes, that’s O-My-God)!
This time it´s from Megawoosh, an project from the German “Projektbüro Kammerl”. The Megaswoosh is the most unusual waterslide in the world, conceived and designed by “Bruno Kammerl”. Currently Bruno is looking for investors to expand the Megaswoosh project.

YouTube Preview Image

After seeing of the video, which already has over 300,000 views in just 3 days, we conclude that this is a fake video, that’s absolutely well made! The thing that strengthens the viral even more is the Megawoosh website, as well as the Projekt Bureau Kammerl website, even a check at Whois doesn’t provides as the real company behind this viral.

Remarkable though is that Bruno has already had some support from the waterwear brand Arena. Perhaps Arena is the company behind this, what do you think? On Twitter various speculations occur on whether this is a fake or a real video. I believe this campaign is not very Womma Compliant, as this campaign doesn’t say for who it’s communicating for. Although the real company behind this campaign hasn’t revealed itself yet is positive to see that there’s still some strong viral minds out there who can develop strong viral material. ViralTracker is currently tracking this video in order to see how this video will develop and whether it’s becoming really viral.

We’ll be updating this posting with the ViralTracker data. If somebody finds out which company is behind this campaign, please leave your comment below!

Update 6/8: It seems that Microsoft is the real company behind this viral. The real story can be viewed at The viral is developed for Office Project 2007.

Update 11/8: From the ViralTracker dashboard we can conclude that this video with over 1,4 million views looks pretty viral. So far, the video had it’s peak on the 8th of August, with more than 275K views tracked from various video portals. Although daily views are decreasing , the video still performs strong. Thanks to ViralTracker.

ViralTracker Megawoosh TotalViralTracker Megawoosh Graph


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Comments (24)

  • Erik
    07/08/2009, 15:41

    Seems to be a viral ad for microsoft project.
    Microsoft Germany

    Those sites are all linked:

  • evan neumann
    07/08/2009, 20:50

    I thought it was fake too at first, but Microsoft didn’t start the sponsorship until the day after the video was released. Check Google caches. So I doubt MS made the video. It seems they just sponsored the site after it started going viral.

    Microsoft’s own site questions whether he is real,

    but they say they decided to sponsor him because he had a variety of “real person” accounts like Facebook and Xing (LinkedIn-ish).

    Unlikely as it seems, I believe this where I do not believe many others.

  • Marc Metekohy 10/08/2009, 13:58

    Nice insights!

  • Igor
    10/08/2009, 23:28

    Well ViralTracker clearly shows it spreads within 21 days: so ladies and gents- we have a viral here 😉



  • Igor
    10/08/2009, 23:45

    It looks like these companies are behind this spoof:

    Vielen Dank an Arena und alle Helfer, die das Projekt MEGAWOOSH unterstützt haben:

    * MRM Worldwide GmbH
    * Okifilms
    * Elbkind GmbH

    Doesn’t above viral campaign reminds you of BMW’s Rampenfest??!

    Or Trojan Condoms’ Olympic Games “Bucharest 2003”



  • midiwall
    11/08/2009, 00:49

    @: “even a check at Whois doesn’t provides as the real company behind this viral.”
    Well, it kinda does…

    “” forwards to the German site. Both of those were registered by Thorsten Stark, who turns up in a Google search as the Client Service Director at MRM Worldwide, which is a HUGE marketing/ad agency in Germany.

    Browsing MRM’s site shows that one of their clients is Microsoft, which makes sense considering that the German site for this slide is just a marketing front for project 2007.


  • uTubegangsters 17/08/2009, 02:53

    look at his second jump! lol

  • SEO 17/08/2009, 04:35

    This guy is absolutely crazy. He needs to go to a casino to see what happens! I’m building a new website about this guy’s stunts.

  • SEO 17/08/2009, 04:37

    Is this a hoax or did this guy actually land in the little tiny pool. I thought this kind of stuff only happened in cartoons!

  • Laurens 17/08/2009, 09:28

    Well it’s a hoax, with some smart video editing the creative agency made it look pretty real..

    • Brandon D 05/09/2009, 02:42

      hmm I think it may be real…just take a look at the full video on the website –>

      This full video shows all of the props and stuff before hand,

      Like the “Crash Test Dummy” , wind speed reader , and some other computer things tat probably tells the damage on the dummy.

  • MHeld
    21/08/2009, 20:57

    Look closely and you’ll see that the stuntperson curls up his legs shortly before impact. Leads me to believe that it is real.

  • designer 23/08/2009, 17:58

    I’m going to set one of these rigs in my back yard. So cool! hee hee hee

  • hotcow 25/08/2009, 10:25

    it’s hard to suspend my disbelief on the truthiness of this film!

  • sry
    26/08/2009, 20:57

    look carefully at his entry onto the slide. it appears that he goes on head first, however when he exits the blind spot his feet are forward.

    • Brandon D 05/09/2009, 02:40

      I think it may be feet first the whole way…I believe his legs are crossed over our something…

  • Brandon D 05/09/2009, 02:38

    Three Words…

    SMACK !!


  • Breck
    07/09/2009, 20:09

    there is a dummy in frount of the slide! It looks like they could have tested it first. but the calculations would have to be perfect to be real! I love this video and if it is real that dude has BALLS!

  • JC
    09/09/2009, 00:44

    Quote: “we conclude that this is a fake video”

    No shit Sherlock.

  • florists 20/10/2009, 06:53

    I showed this video to about 10 people and the most common response was that he must be a mathemitician to calculate the landing!

  • discount-viagra-pills 22/12/2009, 19:57

    Very nice insights…

  • gullible
    20/01/2010, 16:42

    The guy really has a company that makes this sliding material, he really has an engineering degree, he really built the slide, and it really works (at least with dummies). So theoretically, he could have done the jump as well.

    So the only question left is: is he really crazy enough to have done it himself?

    This party believes yes, firmly. I’m going to the Banff Mountain film festival where this video is shown, and I’m hoping to ask him for details to convince the skeptics.

  • shane
    11/02/2010, 12:18

    checkout this website that describes the story behind it all