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16/10/2009 by

Google Wave Cinema: Pulp Fiction

Google Wave is the web’s hottest new property, which allows users to swap messages, video, pictures, gadgets and links with one another. Millions of people out there are in fact stalking their lucky friends for a Google Wave invite.

Joe Sabia of Whirled Interactive from LA had been toying with Wave for just 24 hours and thought “we gotta do something with this…”. Together with his good friend Scott Chan he created the following highly entertaining video:

Joe came up with the idea 3 days ago, because he wasn’t satisfied with the current Google Wave videos. Joe Sabia sums up the reasons: “a) some don’t show the actual product, b) they sometimes fail to connect the product to people who don’t really understand the purpose and c) they could garner more excitement”.

Joe continues “And Wave really is an exciting product. The fact there are millions of people out there, willing to sell their children for an invitation, is proof that Google’s about to do something very game-changing.”

“So for these reasons – and the major reason of a great opportunity to showcase something so secretive, and so early-adoptive – I wanted to create a compelling look at Wave.”

“Wave is about human to human interaction. Streamlined. Littered with organized media and thoughts. Efficiency and beauty. Because of the communicative elements, I thought laying down audio from a film would be a great complement to text-based visuals between Googlers in each of the wave’s blips.”


Joe Sabia of Whirled Interactive

To showcase Google Wave’s functionality the two guys from LA, embedded photos, image search photos, videos, maps, polling widgets and even gaming widgets into the 2:48 minute video.

Joe Sabia: “The more to show, the better it is for the user in understanding what this product does. In general, sometimes the best marketing attempts aren’t ones that scream “This product is great”, rather, the more effective ones yell, “Look what this product can do!”. It’s all in the hook – people will see how rad it is, and can be entertained at the same time.”

Joe and Scott started out with Good Will Hunting and then decided to take on a more ambitious movie classic: Pulp Fiction. It took about 5 hours to edit the movie, 2 hours to rehearse the actual action, and 15 minutes of recording.

Joe and Scott borrowed the phrase “Google Wave Cinema” from someone tweeting about the video. If you like to see more videos, you can request them in the replies.

The Google Wave team in Australia have shown the “Google Wave Cinema” videos already at their meetings tells Joe. Lars and Stephanie, the product managers there, enjoyed it.

If you like to more about Joe Sabia and his work (like the YouTube hits: “Rick Roll: The Literal Version“, “7 Seven Minute Sopranos” or “2009 Oscars Interactive Photo Hunt!“), check out his personal portfolio at Whirled Citizen.

Many thanks to Joe Sabia for reaching out 3 o’clock in the morning!

Read more of Paul’s articles on Viralblog. You can connect with Paul via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, SlideShare, or send him an email at [email protected].


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