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31/03/2012 by

Social Media Security Basics (Infographic)

Social media is more popular than ever, but unfortunately so are viruses, malware and online scams. The chart below sheds some light upon how important it is for brands and individual users to stay on top of the basics of online security.

The team over at security provider Veracode has produced an interesting and informative infographic examining the social media security basics everyone who has ventured into the online world of networking should embrace.

You’ve probably seen this kind of postings before on Facebook, big chance you’ve clicked on it once or twice :-)

But are you alsow aware of the fact that by clicking on it your computer could be infected by a virus and that you’ve spread it to your friends as well…

Some key points are, that since social media exists in a cloud computing environment, that why it is more vulnerable than that of a traditional network, and the interconnective nature of social networks is an ideal setting for the propagation of malware.

The Infographic below adds that core distribution of malware is through social media sites, and tips are given for users to protect themselves.

Interestingly, the top 5 categories of Facebook spam are stalking, free stuff/games/Farmville, shocking curiosities, features not offered by Facebook and games not offered by Facebook.

The chart ends with the notion that, “you don’t have to avoid all forms of Social Media to be protected, but you do have to be aware of malware and scams. Educate employees as well on Social Media safety and best practices to reduce your company’s risk from costly losses and identity theft.”

So take a good look at it! And let me know if you curiously clicked on “Look what this girl is wearing at the beach in front of thousands of people” or a similar posting before! I know I did once (maybe twice)!

What About You?
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