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07/11/2011 by

What Is Your Slavery Footprint?

Call + Response, an organization against slavery, recently released a digital and social campaign to raise awareness of human trafficking. The campaign shows consumers – how many of the 27 Million forced laborers around the globe – have contributed to making stuff you might find in your kitchen or closet.

You can guess the outcome of the survey: your outcome is often much higher than you’d expect…

How did they come up with the total number of slaves working for me?

Your total slavery footprint represents the number of forced laborers that were likely to be involved in creating and manufacturing the products you buy.

This is determined based on information regarding the processes used to create these products as well as investigations of the countries in which these stages of production take place for known slave labor (within these specific processes.) This number is compiled from multiple individual product scores.

How does the survey actually works?

The survey asks users 11 lifestyle questions. These include: Where do you live? What’s in your medicine cabinet? What’s in your closet? What gadgets do you own? How much jewelry do you own? Also, have you ever paid for sex? Once the survey is complete, the site estimates how many slaves make products you use.

Call + Response even released an iPhone app, which has some interesting features:

Much like Foursquare and other location services, the mobile app will allow you to check-in. The app doesn’t say no to purchase things, but if there’s a better option, it will tell you. The idea is if you go into Starbucks and you want to find a better option, check in using the app.

You can also take a picture of a product and Slavery Footprint will auto-populate a letter to the company politely demanding products to be made without slave and child labor.

We believe that The Slavery Footprint is a great way to raise the awareness around the slavery subject. The survey is a bit long, but the great usage of HTML 5, combined with an interesting App for iPhone and Android and the (shocking) results that come out of it, makes this an interesting case.

We’re looking forward to see the results of it! Check your Slavery Footprint here.



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