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15/03/2009 by

MrJummy: Blending Social Media In Crossmedia

Mr. Jummy makes friends, collects consumer generated content and invaded 25.000 homes with his physical presence. “Mr. Jummy?” Yes, Mr. Jummy. Mr. Jummy is a character, created by Sultana. Sultana used Mr. Jummy in their communication strategy as a metaphor for the hungry feeling.

Lets have a look at the way Sultana used Mr. Jummy in social space as a part of their crossmedia campaign.

To understand the full potential of the social media part in this campaign, we have to look at the bigger picture. In this crossmedia campaign of Sultana there were many sources that eventually led to a social media platform. For this campaign, Sultana used television commercials & print advertisements to communicate their message; if you’re hungry and you want a healthy and responsible snack, eat Sultana.

The TV commercial [Dutch]

The brand must have noticed the popularity of Mr. Jummy – or calculated it in advance in their strategy. Within no time consumers gathered at Hyves, the most popular social network in The Netherlands. At this page, people discussed the commercials, shared ways to create their own Mr. Jummy and tried to contact Sultana in order to get a Mr. Jummy for theirselves.

Mr Jummy on Hyves

Sultana saw this as the perfect entry to enter social space. They reached out to 600 brand ambassadors at the Mr. Jummy Hyve and told them they could win a Mr. Jummy if they transformed their profile picture into a profile picture with Mr. Jummy in it – Sultana provided the tools and technique, the consumers made the spread possible.

Mr Jummy profile photo creator

The result? Within the first two weeks of the campaign, over 2000 consumers changed their profile picture into a Mr. Jummy profile photo. Because the profile picture pops up at every social appearance of the user (leaving notes at other users, commenting on photos etc) the brand image of Mr. Jummy appeared everywhere.

Mr Jummy on Flickr, posing with Dutch stars

To encourage the consumers that had won a Mr. Jummy to make creative pictures, Sultana launched a Flickr page on which Mr. Jummy showed his photos with Dutch celebrities. I bet one of the designers at the agency had one hell of a fun day creating those photoshopped images, however, why don’t they use images created by their consumers?

The vibe was strong and the demand for a Mr. Jummy grow by the day. In order to have a chance to win a Mr. Jummy, Sultana launched another action. Consumers were able to send an ecard. The more ecards a consumer send, the higher the feasibility. By using an ecard system, Sultana collected a large amount of email addresses from people who were truly interested in Mr. Jummy. In total, more then 90.000 ecards were send.

mrjummy-1 Homepage

Eventually, Sultana used these email addresses to spread another action: By collecting a few package wraps and paying a small amount of Euro’s (6,99), you could actually purchase Mr. Jummy at your local postoffice. 35.000 customers actually bought their own Mr. Jummy. These people also needed to be engaged: another campaign was released. Upload your funniest video with Mr. Jummy in order to win a video camera. Sultana consistently marked videos of Mr. Jummy from other users as a favorite and collected all the videos of Mr. Jummy in this way on one page.

Mr Jummy on YouTube

What I like most about this campaign is the open use of social media platforms. Sultana encouraged customers to share their Mr. Jummy stories by creating platforms and by making use of excisting platforms. For instance, customers were able to submit a video (which had to be uploaded at YouTube) to Sultana in order to participate in a video contest. By using an existing platform like YouTube, Sultana killed three birds with one stone. Customers were already used to work with this platform, the content did not only spread on Sultana’s own platform and the costs were very low (now bandwith costs, now development costs, etc).

I think Sultana showed some guts by blending in social media as an important aspect of their crossmedia campaign. The concept is solid – who couldn’t love Mr. Jummy? – and it must have drove a lot of – potential – customers to the Sultana platform and into the stores to buy Sultana. It made it a loved brand.

However, there are some points the campaign could have been better. User generated content should have been possible on all platforms. Including the Flickr platform. Sultana wanted to keep all the control, not so social. Furthermore, to engage even more customers in social activity, the possible platforms should have been mentioned in all media expressions. Its a really good thing Sultana changed the entire homepage to a hub to other social platforms, but in my opinion, Sultana also should have mentioned the platforms in television commercials and print campaigns.

Source: Achtung

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