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18/04/2012 by

Why Videos Go Viral? Some Fun Insights!

Why videos go viral? Kevin Allocca is YouTube’s trends manager, and he has deep thoughts about silly web video. In this talk from TEDYouth, he shares the 4 reasons a video goes viral. About tastemakers, participation and unexpectedness

If you enjoyed the video like we did, you might want to get such a viral weapon of mass affection for your brand, right?

Well, we’ll show you the 360 insights on how to make that happen…

At social and viral video; content is king, distribution is queen but metrics is the emperor. So having a fun, compelling new social video, might give you that viral effect.

And tastemakers and celebrities might help you to get you your first peeks, as shown in Kevin’s video. But how do you as a brand or pr manager get connected to tastemakers, influencers, opinion leaders or celebrities?

Most social media agencies are masters of the social universe when it comes to social video distribution. They will be able to rate your social video content and next create a social distribution strategy for you that will get your video out there.

They will mix your social video with i.e.; social media optimization, organic and paid seeding. And some well planned Paid, Owned and Earned (POE or OEP) media tactics. Next your video is blended with influencer identification and outreach. This could include tastemakers, influencers and passion groups.

But also celebs, VIPs, or people that will react to a video or will re-make that video. So even the hottest viral video, might have needed that helping hand to ignite?

To see more details about the art of social video seeding and influencer outreach steps, at SocialMedia8’s seeding platform, we borrewed some of their inventory.

So far we hope to have convinced you that content is king and distribution is queen. Now why do we state; but metrics is the emperor.

Next we would like to invite you, to watch this short ViralTracker video metrics demo.

It might just show you more actionable insights that you could have imagined. Even how to create the best possible king.

Now it’s important to add that ViralTracker gets its metrics from YouTube and 500+ other video sharing portals.

So the distribution and metrics message is here; think beyond YouTube! Because we have seen videos become a viral hit on other large video sharing portals like Youku in China, or at smaller local video portals.

Keep your eyes at the price at all time. And your eyes at all video hot spots. Even the ones you might have never ever heard of in your entire life. Because your targets might be shuffeling videos there, every single day of the week!

Please share us some of your social video, distribution and metrics experiences so far. You might get back some pretty helpful ideas…


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