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13/04/2011 by

YouTube Live: The First Week

Since one week YouTube added a new arrow to their bow. The company was already leading in providing recorded videos. But with YouTube Live it seems that YouTube is aiming for more: delivering live content with as much success as their initial services.

After one week of this launch ViralBlog checked the status. Is it already a rocking, leading platform or do we have a slow started engine in front of us. Read all about it!

On April 8th YouTube initiated YouTube Live. According to their blog-post it will be combining Live Stream capabilities and discovery tools directly into the YouTube platform. Tubers are able to subscribe to their favorite YouTube live-streaming partners to be notified of upcoming live streams on a customized homepage. The amount of partners will grow gradually with the promise that in months thousands of partners will be able to live stream from their channels in the upcoming months.


There were 56 comments on the official blog posting at the moment of writing this article. The overall sentiment was positive (86%) where only 4% had their doubts. This because of the availability of the service on mobile platforms. Obviously this was mainly generated by users of the platforms (Apple) which don’t support Flash. There was a small but interesting signal about providers too. AT&T which has limited the data usage to their users may cause a challenge here for users and streamers as well.


For the people how are expecting a 24/7 streaming show of thousands of subjects, a small disappointment will surface while accessing the service. Despite the fact that this new feature is just only in her first week, the offered content is a bit limited, for now. Danger with this is the fact that it’s really depending about your point of interest in order to get hooked  to the service. Nevertheless, as the number of streaming partners will grow more and more, the chance of you making use of YouTube Live will be much of a fact.

Other limitations lay on the schedules of the streams. Currently the ‘ tv-guides’ provides times of broadcasts from the streaming party point of view. This is inconvenient for the audiences which are not familiar with terms like CEST, SAS, IST, PDT, EDT or otherwise don’t want or have a world-clock on their desk. Additionally YouTube live is globally accessible, but it still has some boundaries on local availability of the content, like the recorded videos currently have.


The possibilities of YouTube Live are pretty much endless. It answers the questions on live content on demand through a unbelievable sophisticated, free and globally accessible portal. The combination of quality live content and ‘ free’ is a very interesting combination. Users could see a football match where their own network of television stations haven’t  freed up time for it or couldn’t get the rights for it. The launch of a new NASA project live from Houston, concerts or even complete live-shows.

It all pretty much depends to three things: Availability by region and by platform and definitely the growth of YouTube Live Partners. More information about becoming a YouTube Partner can be found here. Existing Partners can get their information about YouTube Live on the designated Partner HUB.

For CMO’s in the broadcasting industry this could be an interesting extra level of consumer engagement. Especially to draw attention on a certain event.

Did you already tuned in on YouTube Live? What kind of live content would you expect to see in the upcomming month? Share it with us!


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