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02/05/2010 by

Five Most Essential Social Media Infographics

Infographics are here to stay. Capturing lots of data and info in one image can be seen as a new trend. Over time I’ve seen lots of high quality infographics that spread on the web like good viral assets. This post will sum up the top five infographics I came across over the last few months.

Interested in good visual material? Continue reading for the list of five great infographics.

5. What People Are Doing

Click for original size.

This image lines up the time spend in different field of activity, according to the Social Technographics, defined by Forrester Research. The image gives a good overview in activity per generation.

4. The Conversation Prism

Click for original size.

The Conversation Prism has been on the block for a while. A great overview of tools in categories in which the consumer uses these tools.

3. The Boom of Social Sites

Click for original size.

The Boom of Social Sites gives a great overview of launch moments of social platforms and the (great) amount of users per platform.

2. The Social Media Landscape

Click for original size.

The Social Media Landscape provides an overview of the way social media tools affect marketing communications. Tools mentioned in this overview are Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube, Digg, Stumble Upon, Yahoo Answers, reddit and Delicious.

1. Social Media Demographics

Click for original size.

Where will you find your audience? Which target groups are using what kind of social media? Flowtown managed to put a lot of interesting data on social media usage by gender, income, education and age in one magnificent infographic. Love it!

Images above are my favorite of infographics on social media I’ve stumbled upon over the last few months. I’m curious if you agree on my top five or that there are images that should have deserved a place in the list above. Agree of disagree? Shout it out in the comments!

Sources: Pamorama, Penn-Olson and


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Comments (8)

  • Laura Christianson 03/05/2010, 21:59

    Fascinating infographics — thanks for sharing them.

    “The Social Media Landscape” is the best organized and most helpful one for me. The others, while colorful and interesting, were somewhat overwhelming due to the sheer amount of information they present. I teach workshops for business people who are just starting out in social media, and these graphs would scare most of them to death!

    • Hi Laura, I know the look on faces of marketeers beginning with social media when being confronted with some of the images above. 😉 However, I do feel that history (The Boom of Social Sites), analytics (What are people doing) and demographics (Social Media Demographics) are also key in understanding the social sphere. Thnx for your comment!

  • ElizabethL 03/05/2010, 22:29

    This is really great and we actually have a lot of these graphs floating around the office – definitely very helpful!!

  • Social Tool 11/05/2010, 06:23

    That Social Media prism infographic was pretty stunning!

  • SEO Boise 17/06/2011, 21:35

    These are great!! I would like to share one of my own. SEO Infographic

  • SEO Boise 17/06/2011, 21:36

    And a social media one as well. Social Media Infographic

  • Ryan Hoody 17/04/2012, 17:35

    Wow! These infographics are great. I can’t say I have come across very many, but they are extremely practical for building a business, and finding your target audience. Are infographics created by your everyday graphic designers? or does it take a strong background in statistics too?

    Thanks for the post!