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20/08/2013 by

Adults vs. Teens: How They Use Social Media

We all use social media channels, that’s a given. But how do adults measure against teens? Let’s take a look at this NextAdvisor infographic, based on a Pew Research Center study.

social media

Pew Research Center is continually researching the ways people use social media. Of course, the differences between adults and teens when it comes to using social media is an interesting subject.

What’s the most important news Pew Research Center can bring us? Well, teens are still dominant users when it comes to social media. BUT… us adults reign when it comes to the coolest social media platform out there right now: Instagram. Pinterest is also a platform adults rule.

Other interesting facts? While it was stated that teens don’t use Facebook anymore, Pew Research Center’s data shows that 94% of teens are using Facebook.

Want more facts? Check out the infographic below.

infographicMy Opinion
It is surprising that the more creative and visual social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are more popular with adults than with teens.

Especially because there are reports out there that claim Instagram is becoming the number 1 favorite platform among teenagers, leaving Facebook far behind.

Being an avid Instagrammer myself, I’ve noticed that my followers increasingly consist of teenagers. What is certain, is that teens are flocking to Instagram.

If Facebook is still the main network teenagers use at the moment, it won’t be like that for long.

What About You?
Do you think teens are still predominantly using Facebook? Let us know in the comments below!

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About The Author
Marion aan ‘t Goor is a Social Media Consultant at ICON&Co. You can connect with Marion via Twitter and LinkedIn.


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