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18/10/2007 by

Amazon S3: Cheap Viral Storage Service?

There is a delicate etiquette surrounding the ‘saying’: Going Dutch! We’ve earned this tagline due to the fact that we bring our own food, when we go on holidays abroad. Also since we like discounts a lot. Or we tend to split bills and pay for our own food at restaurants.

Full of shame I must admit to our readers: Yes Sir! We can be a bit cheap sometimes, don’t say I didn’t warn you! But this ‘Going Dutch’ coin, has a more shiny flipside as well: Being Smart.


It all started in 1602 when the VOC was founded. As very, very small country Holland’s traders carried out many colonial activities overseas. So trading is part of Dutch DNA. Some proof is the success of The leading Dutch classified platform, which was bought by eBay for 225 million Euros. Marktplaats is similar to Greg Stuarts Craig’s List. Question to flashy web designers: why do you think these ugly sites are so very successful?

Okay, let’s go back to cheap or smart Dutch traders. Hosting of very successful viral commercials can be done via YouTube. But what if you want to host many viral commercials or a micro site with a webisode? Curious by nature, I’ve tried Amazon S3’s Simple Storage Service. We were satisfied about the solution and the prizes of storage and data traffic.

So, before you start shouting: Going Dutch at me, please read these Amazon S3 success stories or Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch review first 😉


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