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25/06/2011 by

The Rise Of Social TV

The days of seeing television as untouchable is over. Even this medium is changing due to social, content is assessed, talked about, criticised, recommended and shared 24/7.

There is an enormous possibility for the audience to interact. This will eventually give the Social Media Platforms a significant commercial role in the TV business.  Are you going to try to jump on a speeding train, or are you already setting up your organisation to board now?

 Where does this happen? In all social spaces; in particular Facebook and Twitter. We had Social TV 1.0 in Holland with the Voice Of Holland (see article), but now we see it amped up to new hights. I am curious to see what RTL will do for the new season.

Harness The Power
Imagine being able to give people the information they need, when they need it. Not having to keep on marketing products and seeing if they catch on, but going back to a model that is based on demand and supply (consiously not saying supply and demand). This can be obtained for FMCG´s but also for television companies.

For the companies that facilitate this there will be a big power shift in their favour.  They will be in tune with their target audience and they will harness the power of social TV: increasing audience size and engagement levels per person which will drive prompt awareness and market share. Social platforms might be an alternative to cable and satellite. This interaction an engagement will bring the audience into the production process, producing the best content and eventually capturing the revenues for example pay-to-participate or sweet spot advertising.

Social Search
In my last article I talked about finding information that it relevant to you through human intellicence in stead of those rigid algorythms that decide what we see based on our IP address, income and our search query. 

I believe social search will have a big influence on the way we watch television, we will be recommended TV programs that our friends are watching at that moment or series that they favour.

Also when television becomes Social TV, we will be dotting in search queries around subjects we and our friends are watching at that moment. The commercial advantages are endless, CMO´s can tap into the right trends and target their brand promise or product advertisements in the consumer´s sweet spot.

Don’t believe it? Ask Google about the power of social! Their last push away from social search might be the Panda update.


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