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27/08/2013 by

OMG. Tesla Outsells Porsche & Jaguar In California

Tesla has no advertising, no ad agency, no CMO, no dealer network. Nevertheless, Tesla outsells Porsche and Jaguar in California.

OMG. Tesla Outsells Porsche & Jaguar In California -Tesla Model S

Electric cars are a niche that the automobile industry does not need to worry about?

Wait till you see the Tesla Motors sales numbers in California.

Buckle up and ride along with me…

Tesla Outsells Porsche & Jaguar

Yes, it’s a small share of the California car market, but Tesla Motors sales in the Golden State are supercharging.


But facts are that sales of Tesla’s electric cars have surpassed Porsche, Jaguar, Volvo, Land Rover, and Lincoln, according to new figures from the California New Car Dealers Association.

In 2013 (year-to-date) the luxury carmaker has sold 4,714 cars in California, versus 4,586 for Porsche, 1,254 for Jaguar, 2,982 for Volvo, 4,022 for Land Rover, and 2,230 for Lincoln

Tesla also has outsold Fiat (3,898), Buick (4,675), and Mitsubishi (2,939) this year in California.

Toyota and Honda are California’s biggest sellers this year, at 157,035 and 100,416, respectively.

Tesla shares have gained $16 billion in market cap this year, more than the total market cap value of about half of the S&P 500 components.

Tesla Motors, Inc. is a California-based company that designs, manufactures and sells electric cars and electric vehicle powertrain components. The public company that trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the symbol TSLA.

Will Tesla Work with Google Driverless Cars?

Believing it could be the next step in the evolution of cars, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed he has been in talks with Google to bring driverless technology to its vehicles.

Will Tesla Work with Google Driverless Cars?

According to Bloomberg, Musk believes autonomous driving is the next logical step in the evolution of cars, but believes Google’s technology (which currently utilizes sensors over an optical system) is “too expensive,” and may hamper Tesla’s plans to implement Google’s system.

Admitting that Tesla has engaged in technical discussions with Google, Musk also told Bloomberg that Tesla will likely develop its own autopilot system, which could incorporate a more cost-effective camera-based alternative that uses software to detect and position a vehicle.

However, he didn’t rule out the possibility that Tesla could “do something jointly with Google” in the future.

Uber To Purchase 2,500 Driverless Cars From Google

As part of its second-quarter earnings announcement today, local transportation and delivery giant Uber announced its biggest bet on autonomous vehicles yet, saying it would purchase 2,500 driverless cars from Google.

Uber To Purchase 2,500 Driverless Cars From Google

In addition, the two companies have agreed to a deal in which Uber will share data from its local transportation services with Google, which will use it to further improve its own autonomous car-routing algorithms.

Uber has committed to invest up to $375 million for a fleet of Google’s GX3200 vehicles, which are the company’s third generation of autonomous driving cars, but the first to be approved for commercial use in the U.S.

The deal marks the largest single capital investment that Uber has made to date, and is also the first enterprise deal that Google has struck for its new line of driverless vehicles.

My Opinion?

Tesla is disrupting the car industry with its smart cars, amazing buzz and influencer programs. The love from the innovators and early adopters will bring Tesla over its tipping point in no time.

Their marketing strategy is at least very unconventional and certainly fueling their brand and business objectives.

Personally, I am extremely happy to see so many consumers embracing electric cars. It shows me that technology is indeed enabling us to do more good.

Second part of my happiness? I am in the advisory board of a cool start-up, which has recently launched Tesla on 2 wheels: 3 electric scooters and 2 e-bikes. All designed, developed and produced in Europe.

The market cap for electric two-wheelers is going to be a multi-billion Dollar one also, so I can hardly wait to finish our next round of funding, the go-to-market and the internationalization.

To CMOs I would like to say: Think Tesla. Think Uber.

Don’t become a boiling frog, it’s innovate or die.

What About You?
What do you expect from Tesla in the coming years? Let us know in the comments below.

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About the Author
Igor Beuker was CMO at 3 listed companies, chairman at the IAB, jury member at Webby, AMMA and Esprix awards, founder of 3 digital agencies (sold to WPP) and global Chief Social Officer at Mindshare. Now he is freejack consultant and still a sought after keynote speaker.

Source: CNBC, TechCrunch.


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