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02/06/2014 by

8 Tips On Videos To Leave Your Competition In The Dust

Videos are this year’s number one tool to leave you running ahead of your competition. So how do you harness their power?

8 Tips On Videos To Leave Your Competition In The Dust. Guest story by Tom More for

We’ve collected the 8 top tips for how to use videos to leave your competition in the dust.

1. Look at who you want to be looking at you

Before, during, and after each video campaign (big or small) that you unveil during your marketing strategy, watch your audience. Before a video campaign, identify who you want to be watching your videos.

During the campaign, see if your audience is catching on (in other words, understand if your video marketing is effective, and if it isn’t, understand why).

After each video campaign, summarize your findings. Video marketing strategies should be calculated, because one haphazard video campaign will be remembered and marked down with your brand for the rest of time.

Consumers may be forgiving in forgetting a bad Tweet or Facebook post, but a bad video ad campaign will haunt you.

2. Optimize for YouTube

You should, of course, already have an active and reputable YouTube channel.

The best brands on YouTube

After you’ve checked off this basic, move on to the more advanced YouTube techniques for beating out your competition: learn how to linkbuild.

Get in the link-building knowhow in no time with these smart tips from Powtoon.

3. Focus beyond the big catch, send shorter videos as well

Big video campaigns are great, but you won’t always have the resources for large-scale video ad campaigns.

It’s important to stay consistent when pushing your video communications, and is an easy way to stay connected with your video marketing on the go.

This tool allows you to easily upload videos on the go by choosing pictures from your Facebook, Dropbox, device’s camera roll, and more.

Choose photos of your device, sync with music to make a cool soundtrack, and wa-lah, within minutes, you’ve got your very own personalized animated video to send out across your social media channels.

4. Don’t forget to connect with your company

Video communications are a great tool to add a personal touch to company-wide communications. Slidelys can also be a great way not just to connect with your consumer audience but also to reach out to your company.

Start out with a weekly Slidely message that says thank you, recaps the best moments from the week, sends photos from the most recent company gathering, or highlights the achievements of some of the star players or teams that week.

5. First impressions matter. What does your landing page say?

Landing pages are infinitely important for creating an idea in your consumers’ mind of your company and brand.

Many successful companies – including PayPal – are using animation to catch the eyes of their audiences and put into vivid moving imagery their message.

Catch onto the trend for a graphically gorgeous way to set your LP apart from your competitors.

6. Encourage conversation with video campaigns.

Use smart video campaigns to encourage back-and-forth video conversations with your customer bases.

This will not only increase your video views and get you bigger audience visibility, but it will also encourage audience participation so your consumers’ voices can be heard.

Don’t just ask them to participate though: listen to what they have to say.

Their videos can be valuable sources of feedback when it comes to tailoring your future brand and marketing strategy.

7. Understand virality

Making a viral video isn’t done by sprinkling magic viral fairy dust, turning around three times, and hoping for the best.

Although some videos go viral by chance, many use tried-and-true strategies to achieve virality, and you can increase your chances by understanding what makes a video go viral.

8. To leave your competition in the dust, you must first know them

This tip is simple but powerful, to leave your competition in the dust, you must first know who they are.

How do you do this? Identify who your competition is, watch their video strategies, and learn from them so you can better harness your video strategies.

My Opinion

I have no doubt that videos are extremely effective for gaining an upper hand on your competition. However, they shouldn’t be your only tool.

Too many people are jumping on the video bandwagon full throttle instead of integrating video effectively into their wider marketing scheme.

Use these tools wisely, and realize video is an extremely powerful tool you should be using.

But remember, don’t get so caught up in the video trend that you forget about the importance of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

What About You?
What tips have you found to be effective for using videos to outsmart or outlast your competition? Share your thoughts on what has worked and what hasn’t.

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About the Author
This post was written by Tom More, CEO and Founder at He loves fusing great creative ideas with passionate execution, building products and services that connect and stimulate. Find out more on Facebook.


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