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24/11/2011 by

How Micro-Video Can Fuel Brand Storytelling?

True branding is about great storytelling, inspiring and motivating people. Giving them a voice. About conversations that matter and unlocking pieces of progressiveness. Like Heineken is doing with Open Your World and Nike is doing with Running. But how can micro-video unlock your brand storytelling?

How Micro-Video Can Fuel Brand Storytelling?

On sites with video people stay 8.33 times longer than sites with text and photos only. So that makes video sites very sticky, and thus offers CMOs great places for brand engagement.

Most brands do know the power of online video already, but not all might know about the benefits of embracing micro-video for brand storytelling or brand engagement.

So I would like to start by offering you 2 very impressive videos about the power of online video.

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This video gets most of my kudos. Hope you find it impressive too…

The next video gets the rest of my kudos. It offers other great insights about online video. Watch it below.

Having said all above and having seen all above I would like to switch to micro-video as promised. Micro-video is short format online videos.

Maybe you have here or seen the following services already? Below I will give several examples of fueling brand storytelling with micro-video…

You might not have heard of Tout, but NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal sure has. So has Li Ka-shing, one of Asia’s richest men. Tout is like a Twitter for video instead of words.

With Tout people can capture life’s true moments and create 15-second video status updates captured on their smartphone, tablet, or webcam.

Keek also is a great platform to capture and share micro-videos with.

Tout and Keek services make sure that videos can be shared instantly with Facebook Friends, Twitter followers etc.

Twitvid is a network that connects you with the latest and greatest videos on the topics and people you find interesting.

Without much effort, you can discover what you’re interested in, follow channels, and get pushed videos that you find entertaining. Twitvid is also a place to connect with people who share your same interests in video and entertainment.

As Twitter users and most marketers already know, Twitter limits you to posting 140 characters of text, which is referred to as a “tweet.”

But sometimes, as a user, you want to express more in your post to your audience on twitter. And in the case where you want to be a lot more engaging, you can post up a video.

And as you have seen before: online videos can be great conversation starters and ignite storytelling. Also around a brand.

See for example how Arnold Schwarzenegger used Twitvid to share his micro-video messages with the world.

In one-way broadcasting or to ignite conversations or to start movements, brands could develop a micro-video webisode or soap on Twitter. This is how P&G started the soap on television 60 years ago!

How cool would it be to launch a brand story every week with micro-video?

And how about BBC Three? They invited their audience to be Funny in 15 (seconds) in its search for new comedy talent?

Broadcasters, media and entertainment companies could use this in a much broader way to hunt talents, do online auditions etc.

And funny in 15 or 20 could also be used by CMOs towards passionate groups. To provoke brand fans and advocates to share their love for the brand or product. That could easily fuel passionate stories or love for the brand…

Smart CMOs would like to build a brand that can provoke the feeling that goes beyond the brand promise. They can turn that promise into an experience.

The art of spreading good by brands should really go beyond corporate social responsibility.

A domain that is overrated and used by brands in a forced way too often. If CMOs frequently study consumer insights by doing social monitoring – in a specific domain or around a subject or their brand – they will discover that people are all about passion, passion, passion.

And passionate foodies, sneaker freakz or other passionistas will talk back to you. And share their experiences with brands and their peers.

And micro-video offers even more opportunities to brands that focus on Gen-Y audiences and screenagers.

But with online video or micro-video try to keep in mind: Who’s the king and who is the emperor:

What About You?
What do you expect from the trend called online video? Where do you see micro-video going? I’d love to read your thoughts in the copmments below.


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