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13/10/2007 by

Saw IV Viral Game: Torture Victoria Beckham

Following over half a million sick tortures last year, the viral game called “The Chamber of Torture” has returned to promote the forthcoming Hollywood horror film Saw IV this Halloween.

In the viral game you can torture various celebrities that are dominating the pages of today’s newspapers and magazines, like Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham, Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz. Electric drills, knives, cleavers, a grubby chainsaw and a spiked bat are among the bloody instruments you can use. The website claims you can also upload pictures of friends and family so that you can torture them too.

Saw IV Chamber of Torture

The ‘horrific’ viral game has caused outrage among certain leading pressure groups writes in Thursday’s edition. So is this branded viral game good fun making some celebrities suffer or should you take this more serious like Amnesty International does? You decide.


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Paul van Veenendaal

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Comments (7)

  • apoutouri
    04/11/2007, 18:33

    thank you

  • babybanana93
    03/02/2008, 18:14

    I can’t play the game why

  • GroggyWanderer
    22/02/2008, 03:09

    First off, this is just good natured fun for people with a slightly twisted sense of humour. Anyone who would actually do something like this is crazy to begin with, and is just using the game as what either they or the “voice in their head” decided was the influence.Secondly, this game should be in no way related to Saw. the point of Saw is for people to escape from intricate traps that have been set up. this is just torturing people for entertainment. This should be more closely related to Hostel.

  • hyyhrt
    24/03/2009, 12:25

    where is the game

  • taha 14/04/2009, 08:16

    this is like torturing a guy like fun

  • yessneaker 29/07/2009, 13:29

    looks interesting, so where & when can i get it? or is there anywhere i can try this? online?

  • florists 12/10/2009, 07:19

    Of course you have to have a good sense of humor to think this is fun. If you’re all kinds of stuffed shirt and pole up your hoo hoo, then this isn’t for you.