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06/10/2013 by

25 Great Social Media Tools – Infographic

As social media marketing is now essential part of companies’ marketing mix, the decision which social media tool to use is crucial.

25 Great Social Media Tools

There are many social media tools, a while ago we posted a Guide To 88 Social Media & Monitoring Tools, but it’s time for a refresh.

Every smaller or bigger company that is active in social media (what’s a must today) should have a company social strategy and goals. But than, how do you measure the goals and KPIs?

There are tens, or even hundreds of social media tools to choose from. Paid, free, trial,…

How to pick up the best one that would suit your need, without doing an excessive research (which can take a while).

Either have a look at the above mentioned list or on a new infographic from Social Media Strategies Summit. They’ve compiled 25 great tools to help you out from the very beginning, and to make it even more convenient, they put these social media tools into five types categories:

Social Listening – always listen first, to find out what and where people are talking about.

Social Conversation – with so many users and conversations, once can easily loose track what has been said and if a question was answered.

Social Marketing – to create, manage, optimize and report social media campaigns, easily.

Social Analytics – understand all the big data, find correlations and define next steps based on the findings.

Social Influencer – find the most important individuals that engage and/or talk with/about your brand and focus on them – on both positive and negative influencers.

25 Awesome Social Media Tools Your Brand Should Be Using

25 Awesome Social Media Tools Your Brand Should Be Using INFOGRAPHIC

My Opinion?
The truth is, there’s not a single best tool and what works great for one company, does not have to be suitable for other.

Nevertheless, this infographic together with our previously published guide to social media tools shall give you a great overview of what’s available and where to start or how to take your social media marketing activities a few steps further.

What About You?
Is your company using any of these tools? Or you prefer others? Which ones do you think are the best in terms of value for money and information?

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