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08/05/2010 by

Is Every Channel Reacting To Interaction?

Wandering down the streets of Amsterdam, passing one of the most overrated squares in Amsterdam my eye fell upon an large screen. Usually I don’t look up because I’m not really fond of one way communication but this caught my eye. I saw myself on the screen taking part in a campaign.

YouTube Preview Image

By filming the audience and showing the footage on the screen, it will create a sense of involvement. The audience is literally part of the campaign.

Looking around, everything is starting to react and interact with you and if you like it or not it does draw your, or at least my, attention. With over 3000 messages a day I tend to ignore “still” or one way messages. Nowadays even the oldest media are turning interactive or at least reactive.

The billboard / poster, one of the oldest and traditional media for one way communication, is reacting to the people passing by, drawing their attention. By doing this, the passers-by get involved in the campaign physically or mentally.

Off course we can’t forget where the interactive poster started because it is still one of the best ever made: The light bulb for the Economist. The billboard didn’t actually interacted with the audience but it did react; the first step in interaction. It made people think :-).

Also shop window designers got activated by interaction and started examine how they could interact with their audience. They found many possibilities how to make their window react and even interact with their audience.

Not that I’m that lonely but I waved at the television hoping something would happen. I guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer, or not? And if you are wondering why this is posted on ViralBlog, well… this is how a billboard can go viral :-).


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