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20/12/2010 by

What Sports Teams Top The Social Charts 2010?

We are near the end of 2010. Time to see what sports teams are topping the sports social media charts. Who’s got the largest Facebook Fanbase, the most loyal tribe of Twitter Followers or the most YouTube subscribers?

The LA Lakers claim the # 1 position of the charts with 4,668,266 Facebook Fans, 1,736,629 Twitter Followers and 0 YouTube subs. A leading score of 44.51%.

The # 2 in the list with 44.44% is Real Madrid. They score 6,741,120 Facebook Fans, 901,717 Twitter Followers and 35,228 YouTube subs.

Real Madrid’s Portugese fasionista Cristiano Ronaldo scores 65.50% with a staggering 16,685,864 Facebook Fans, 1,305,052 Twitter Followers and 31,600 YouTube subs.

FC Barcelona with 45.69%, is close to rival Real Madrid with 8,120,882 Facebook Fans, 229,005 Twitter Followers and 50,107 YouTube subs.

Manchester United claims # 4 in the list with 37.50%: 6,333,924 Facebook Fans, 151,815 Twitter Followers and 0 YouTube subs.

At # 5 again football. The Turkish Galatasaray with a score of 32.07% and 4,740,056 Facebook Fans, 57,027 Twitter Followers and 0 YouTube subs.

I have just checked all their channels and I see lots of opportunties for the existing sponsors to connect to the fans. How about a special voucher or coupon in the Facebook Fanpage of the sports teams to drive retail or etail sales.

If you want to stay tuned to this rankings? Social bookmark this Famecount category.


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