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23/02/2012 by

Dirty Deeds’ Mechanism To Unlock Social Videos

Gamification, social video and other ways of branded entertainment seem to be the CMOs ticket into the hard to reach group Gen-Yers, AKA Millennials or Screenagers. The entertainment industry might offer CMOs new examples How To…

Canadian producer Dirty Deeds promotes his upcoming album Let’s Be Friends with the release of some remarkable Butt, Bass and Tetherball social videos – are supported by a mechanism with mileage to ignite buzz, shares, likes and viral effect.

We do hope this concept inspires some CMOs to keep working on new actionable insights that can add fun or meaningfulness to the lives of their Gen-Yers…

Dirty Deeds will release seven videos of people playing kids’ games like Hungry Hungry Hippos and Tetherball. Butt here’s the thing, everyone’s naked.

Now the part we liked most is the mechanism they have added in the campaign website. The 18+ uncensored versions of the videos will only be unlocked if each video has reached its goal of “Likes” and shares on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. will be the hub for both the censored and (for over 18s) uncensored versions of the videos. Each video will become available when its goal of “Likes” and shares over Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites is reached

Now that could inspire CMOs to embrace social videos even more. And what if it would be a social product video that would unlock a coupon or e-voucher for that product once the likes, tweets and shares have been met?

And our editorial team came up with 9 other ways to unlock brand mechanisms like this.

If you are curious enough to see the videos and the campaign site now, go and check Dirty Deeds TV.

Before unlocking the social shares be aware: this content might still be safe for work. But if you want to see the uncensored videos as well, you’d better start sharing the video!

Social video is booming and in this ViralTracker demo you can find how likes and shares around social videos are the metrics AKA the Emperor. Certainly interesting for all CMOs planning branded social videos.

If you ask Didier Tovel, the beatmaster and creative mind behind Dirty Deeds, what “erotic Dubstep” is he’ll tell you it sounds like “a robot invader kidnapping and seducing this hot chick from a band.”

Now we would like to hear your opinion on this mechanism with mileage, how to target Gen-Y or erotic dubstep. Share them in the comments below and follow us on Twitter for more social video backgrounds.


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